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The R-U8 module has 8 optically isolated digital outputs, type PNP, 24 VDC-3A, and can be used to send signals and OKs to electronic devices, directly power loads in VDC within the limits of rated currents, or control loads of any kind via solid state relay, contactors, etc.

The outputs have the GND terminal in common and are divided into 4 groups of 2 outputs with 4 separate power supplies and maximum capacity of 5A per group, 15A total for the module.

Division into groups creates circuits that are independently sectionable by external devices.

Each output is protected against short-circuit, overload, and overheating, and has current recycle circuitry for inductive loads and state signal LEDs.

The R-U8 is installed on the backplanes of the series R-BUS(x) from which it receives its power supply.