Our goal is to introduce new and innovative technologies to help our client address the main challenges facing them in today’s environment, that of wellbeing in an efficient and green building. The three main pillars in today’s environment are Wellbeing, Comfort and Energy Efficiency. We supply cost effective technologies that are easy to retrofit and/or design into new builds while also keeping environmentally friendly.

Our technologies include continuous safe light sanitation, ventilation, destratification, heating controls,energy meters and more.

Biovitae – Light Sanitation

The only LED light device that kills viruses and bacteria.

Fantini – Ventilation

Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR)

Airius – Destratification

Save 20-50% on your heating and cooling costs. Find out how Airius can help.

Energy Reduction

We are all tasked with implementing solutions which will reduce our Energy consumption, at home, at work or social outlets. This is part of global Climate Action plans, which outlines pathways to a more sustainable society for all. Resulting reduction in Carbon emissions will have positive environmental impact and protect our planet into the future.

Indoor Air Quality

People’s health and performance can be adversely affected by spending time in a building that has inadequate Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). This can be the home, work, social outlets etc. Addressing the Indoor Air Quality and improving environmental conditions, through monitoring of parameters and installing cutting edge technologies, will lead to a healthier atmosphere, improved comfort and a positive response from all people involved.

Airborne & Surface mounted Viruses and Bacteria:

Another major issue people are facing is the whole area of Air Purification, now a major requirement due to Airborne and Surface mounted viruses and bacteria, such as Covid-19. It is critical to install technologies to combat viruses without negatively impacting on Indoor Air Quality and Energy costs.

Prevent Sick Building Syndrome

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