• Single Room Heat Recovery Unit with Air Sanitation
  • The first heat recovery unit that sanitises and changes the air
  • RHINOCOMFORT through a natural phenomenon called PHOTOCATALYSIS, disrupts toxic substances and pollutants at the molecular level
  • A LED light that illuminates the conduit through which the air and the water vapor contained in it passes through, RHINOCOMFORT decomposes the harmful substances present in the introduced air, transforming them into harmless substances
  • RHINOCONFORT introduces sanitised air, guaranteeing a purified environment inside the home, in the office or any place that needs a healthy microclimate Prevent, mould and moisture

Technical Specification

Code MODEL Ø SQM Speed M3/h W Power Supply Db[A] 1.5
Low 28 2.0 27
AP19990 Rhinocomfort 160RF 160mm 50mq Medium 48 3.8 230V-50Hz 32
High 68 6.6 38
Sleep 15 Nd Nd
Low 28 2.0 27
AP19991 Rhinocomfort Sat 160 RF 160 mm 50 mq Medium 48 3.8 230V-50Hz 32
High 68 6.6 38
Sleep 15 Nd Nd

General Specification:

  • 160mm Diameter
  • Wireless RF Control between units
  • Suitable for 50m2 room areas.
  • 90% Heat Recovery
  • Wall Mounted
  • Telescopic Adapter to suit different wall thickness
  • G3 Filter
  • Low Noise Level
  • Up to 65 units per system: 1 Main and 64 Secondary
  • Temperature, Humidity and Brightness Sensors built in.
  • A2 Energy rating

Air Sanitation:

Through a photocatalytic process kills:

  • 99% of harmful bacteria,
  • >50% yeasts and mold’s,
  • >40% of VOC

All results have been independently tested and verified


  • Schools
  • Creches
  • Residential Building
  • Commercial Building
  • Cafes and Restaurents
  • Nursing Homes

Award Winning: