Aspirvelo Air Ecocomfort 2.0 SMART

Discover the new VMC with artificial intelligence that suits your needs for an optimal comfort without energy waste.

Ecocomfort 2.0

Single room heat recovery unit with smart functions and artificial intelligence
to adapt to user preferences for optimal comfort without energy waste.

WIFI and Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 multi-connectivity system for programming and management by Intelliclima + APP


Possibility of integration with smart speaker Google HomeTM or Amazon AlexaTM.


ECOCOMFORT 2.0 SMART is a smart ventilating unit for an innovative approach in the environmental comfort management.

Thanks to the continuous parameter monitoring (such as VOC and humidity) and the “Artificial Intelligence” data processing, this system crosses all the useful information to optimize the ventilation system application, anticipating or delaying its activation according to the user behaviours in the ambient and the advanced geolocation, with the aim to provide the best hygrometric well-being and air quality conditions with the lowest possible consumption.

Thanks to this new advanced ventilation approach, the AUTO SMART SENSOR reduces the primary energy requirement through the Intelliclima+ App infographic sections, which displays the system consumption trend and the parameters read by the sensors on board: room temperature, ambient humidity and air quality.

FREE-COOLING mode is also available and can be activated automatically during the summer period, when the external temperature is lower than those internal. This function ensure a greater comfort, as well.

Moreover the ECOCOMFORT 2.0 SMART multi-connectivity system is connected to the Intelliclima+ App as an integrated smart home concept to remotely control the ventilation, heating and cooling systems, or by Google HomeTM or Amazon AlexaTM.

Eco 2.0

General features

■ Nominal diameter Ø 160 mm
■ WIFI and Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 multi-connectivity system
■ Air flow temperature, room temperature, relative humidity, brightness, air quality and VOC sensors
■ SMART functions
■ Setting and remote control by App
■ Mounting on outer walls
■ Suitable for rooms up to 36 sqm*
■ High efficiency generative ceramic heat exchanger up to 90%
■ Summer Free Cooling
■ Low noise level (D2mnTw) 40dB**

** Noise reduction coming from outside, thanks to the AP19981 Kit (in compliance with the Minimum Environmental Criteria about the acoustic comfort).

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Technical Specification

ECOCOMFORT 2.0 SMART system consists of one or more decentralized ventilation heat recovery units at a very high efficiency, to be installed on the outer walls. The generative ceramic heat exchanger stores the heat coming from the exhausted air flow and releases warm air during the intake cycle, after going through a ISO Coarse filter, retaining the impurities.


Each ventilating unit is equipped with a DC brushless motor with low power consumption. Such motor is controlled by a microprocessor which automatically sets the speed modes according to the temperature, humidity, brightness, VOC and thanks to the commands coming from the Intelliclima+ App. These actions guarantee a better air quality and the best comfort to the user.


Minimum installing configuration is the “Master Unit”, that can be also connected to additional “Satellite units”.


ECOCOMFORT 2.0 SMART multi-connectivity system is integrated with the Intelliclima+ App, which can manage the ventilation system functioning, as well as the complete range of Fantini Cosmi programmable thermostats, with the aim to have an “integrated” Smart Home System.


■ Plastics made in antistatic and anti UV ABS material;
■ Operating temperature -20°C ÷ 50°C;
■ Compact dimensions and easy to install;
■ Multifunction button with multicolor LED;
■ Telescopic body suitable for every wall thickness;
■ Folding external grille for internal or external mounting;
■ ISO Coarse class filters, according to UNI EN ISO 16890:2017;
■ Panel for acoustic, thermal and anti-condensation;
■ Flow straightener to guarantee higher performances.


■ Generative heat recovery unit;
■ External grille.

SPEED m³/h Power
dB(A) 1,5 mt dB(A) 3 mt
AP19992 ECOCOMFORT  2.0 SMART 160 mm 36 mq * low 20,5 2,5 W 18,5 12,5
        medium 35 4 w 26,5 20,5
        high 48,5 6,3 w 32,5 26,5
        sleep 15 – – – – – –

*Data based on: air exchange equal to 0.5 Vol / h and local height 2.70 meters
Calculation example: ambient surface x 2.70 meters x 0.5 Vol / h



AP1984 FR007 ISO Coarse class filters, according to UNI EN ISO 16890:2017
AP1985 FR008 Panel for acoustic, thermal and anticondensation insulation
AP1612 GAP 150 Windproof and rainproof grille for ECOCOMFORT Ø160mm models
AP19881 SLF160 Silencer Kit



■ ECOCOMFORT 2.0 SMART can be set like a Master Unit or a Satellite Unit, with the same product reference.
■ The additional unit can be set choosing the direction of rotation (synchronous or asynchronous to the Master Unit).
All the units can be connected by the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol and managed by the Intelliclima+ App.
■ All units can be installed in a big ambient or in other rooms.

CODE MODEL ND Ø TUBE Room max dimensions Speed m³/h Max power absorption W dB(A) 1,5 mt dB(A) 3 mt
AP19992 ECOCOMFORT 2.0 SMART 160 mm 36 mq * low 20,5 2,5 18,5 12,5
        medium 35 4 26,5 20,5
        high 48,5 6,3 32,5 26,5
        sleep 15 2 – – – –
Ecocomfort 2.0 Smart
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Electric features

■ Power supply 230V~ 50Hz;
■ Transceiver frequency: WIFI 2,4 GHz; Bluetooth Low Energy 2,4 GHz;
■ Protection degree: IPX4;
■ FW updating via APP


■ Comply with the Directive 2014/53/EU (RED);
■ Comply with the Directive 2009/125/CE Energy Related Products (ERP) – Ecodesign 2018
■ Comply with the Regulations: EN 60335-1:2013+A11:2015; EN 60335-2-80:2005+ A2:2009;
EN 55014-1:2006+A1:2009+A2:2011; EN55014-2:2015; EN61000-3-2:2014; EN61000-3-3:2013
EN301 489-1 V.1.9.2; EN301 489-7 V.1.3.1
ETSI EN300 220-1 V2.4.1; ETSI EN300 220-2 V2.4.1
UNI EN ISO 10140-2 – UNI EN ISO 717-1

Telescopic Tube

Installation and use

ECOCOMFORT 2.0 SMART must be installed on the outer walls.
Thanks to the telescopic tube, it fits easily every wall thickness between 28 cm (*) and 53 cm.

Its installation is extremely easy and fast thanks to the expansion external grille, that can be also installed from inside.


(*) With the installation of the AP19881 kit, provide for a minimum wall thickness of 48 cm.

Awarded for its design, loved by the installers

Already awarded from the prestigious International Red Dot Design Award 2021,
it combines the aesthetics to the easy-of-use, appreciated by the installers.

Easier installation
Its cover is fixed with magnets to simplify the installation and the maintenance, while offering a cleaner look.
Comfortable configuration
ECOCOMFORT 2.0 SMART is set and managed by the Intelliclima+ App, locally via Bluetooth or remotely via WIFI.
Everything by App
Thanks to the Intelliclima+ App, Ecocomfort 2.0 can be managed at any time and from anywhere.
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