Single room heat recovery unit with heat pump and thermo-dynamic recovery, vertical application



Single room heat recovery unit with heat pump and thermo-dynamic recovery, vertical application.

Complete unit capable of independently integrating the ventilation requirements and integrating the cooling thermal requirements of the served rooms. The unit is complete with all components for its operation and ready to use.

ASPIRCOMFORT PRO X is a unit designed for room air renewal. The ease of installation through two 160 mm diameter holes and the high fresh air flow rate allows the application in situations such as residential buildings, schools, surgeries, offices and all contexts where air exchange is required.

Thermodynamic recovery allows integration with respect to environmental climatic conditions, helping the air conditioning system to meet indoor comfort. In addition, the injected air is always at a temperature close to or better than the room temperature, thus ensuring a higher perceived comfort.

The unit consists of a monoblock including every component for correct operation: fans, cooling circuit with high efficiency compressors, air filtration sections and high efficiency counterflow heat recovery unit.

General Features

  • Brushless plug-fun fans with directly coupled electronic motor and modulating control; the fans operate in various modes controlled mainly by the air quality sensor located inside the unit.
  • The inverter refrigeration unit allows active recovery of energy from the exhaust air. The thermodynamic recovery allows, thanks to its cooling circuit, to supply energy to the environment in a higher quantity than that taken away by the ventilation for 90% of the unit’s operation.
  • ePM1 filter located after the coil to completely filter out any impurities in the intake air, On the outside air there is a Coarse pre-filter that protects the cleanliness of the unit
  • Self-supporting sheet metal frame. Self-supporting sheet metal structure, externally painted (in the visible versions), with polyethylene and EPDM thermal and acoustic insulation in between.
  • Cooling circuit made of brazed copper complete with high-efficiency BLDC compressor, filter dryer, finned coils, electronic expansion valve, reversing valve and safety devices.
  • Electric panel on-board the unit with microprocessor and dedicated regulation. Fan management with air quality probe, display and temperature setpoint, timed dirty filter
    management, panel with graphic interface and WIFI on board the machine and remote control included.
  • The unit is equipped with a UV lamp (accessory), which enables a germicidal action to be carried out on the air introduced from outside through the effect of UVC; the lamp is activated automatically according to the quality of the room air.

Electric features

  • Power supply voltage V/ph/Hz 220/1/50
  • Max Total input power kW 1.05
  • Max total absorbed current A 4.8


  • For commercial applications, schools, offices
  • Very high recovery efficiency >90%
  • BLDC compressor and fans
  • Vertical installation
  • Very low noise levels
  • UVC lamp (accessory), which enables a germicidal action


The CE marking (applied on each machine) certifies compliance with the following Community standards:

  • Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EC
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EC

Installation and use

  • Vertical installation