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Internal CPU for machine automation, complete with communication ports and usable in combination with the eView HD series HMI terminals. Powerful, compact and programmable through the Project VX development environment.

The use of an Intel ATOM low-consumption processor, plus an extremely efficient design (no fans or moving parts), eliminates all maintenance.

The CPU has several communication ports (USB, Ethernet, RS232, RS485 and CAN) and different protocols (Ethercat (Master), GDNET (Master), Modbus TCP/IP (Master\Slave), CANopen (Master), Modbus RTU (Master/ Slave)).

The 2 GB internal mass memory can be expanded with SD cards.

Programming is done with a single development tool: GF_Project VX, which ensures complete and fast management of application software by means of the five standard IEC61131-3 languages and a powerful graphic editor.

In combination with I/Os and the eView HD, eView BOX completes the management and control of process and automation.

It manages sequences and work processes, and sets and displays data and connectivity.

In addition, there is a series of specific application templates, user-friendly and easily customizable, for the plastics and heat treatment industries.