Energy saving by optimizing the room climate

Surface-activeinterior wall coating

Thermoluxx is available as a surface-active interior wall coating which differs significantly from conventional paints in terms of its positive effect on room climate and energy savings.

The interaction of the approx. 50% proportion of ceramic hollow spheres and a binder including so-called “activators” creates a thermoceramic membrane with a micro-pore system, which changes its properties after external influences and has a positive effect on moisture and heat management of buildings.

What does Thermoluxx doafter application?

Entropy principle and indoor humidity

In the summer months, the membrane extracts and stores the excess moisture from the room air and releases it again as the room air becomes increasingly dry (entropy principle). The result is evaporation cooling, which cools the wall surfaces and lowers the high room temperatures.

Due to its physical properties, the coating ensures that the room air humidity is maintained at approx. 55% all year round. This is perceived by most people as pleasant. Furthermore, Thermoluxx with its moisture-regulating effect is an excellent material for rooms with high moisture loads such as basements, kitchens and wet rooms.

Thermoluxx is variably permeable. It supports the capillary transport of moisture out of the wall. This makes an internal application of Thermoluxx suitable for floors, walls and ceilings in all rooms of a building.

What are the long-term benefits of Thermoluxx interior wall Coating?

In winter, the thermoceramic coating absorbs heating energy and distributes it evenly in its membrane without passing it on to the component behind it. The increased surface temperature now ensures reflection of the energy in the near and short-wave infrared range. Convection currents and thermal bridges are minimized and reduce dust turbulence, among other things. This favours a pleasant room climate also for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

Unlike many other coatings, Thermoluxx does not become statically charged. This significantly reduces nicotine and dirt deposits. Nevertheless, deposits do not form a chemical bond with the Thermoluxx coating. They can be easily removed with water and cleaning agents.

Mould prevention

One, two, three – mildew-free!

Anyone who discovers mould should act immediately. Because beside the danger of health problems the fungus infestation leads also to depreciation of the real estate. The moisture-regulating property of Thermoluxx Premium removes the basis of life from moulds and thus massively reduces the risk of the development of moulds. Thermoluxx Premium works preventively against the emergence of fungus infestation without fungicide additives and is therefore health-conscious and particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

Environmentally friendly and harmless to health: Thermoluxx products are completely harmless to the human organism and can therefore also be used in kitchens and children’s rooms without hesitation. The rooms are immediately habitable again after the treatment.

Note: Thermoluxx Premium is a preventive measure to prevent the formation of mould. If your house or apartment is already affected by advanced mould growth, it is strongly recommended that you contact a specialist. There are different types of mould as well as causes for its development. In this case, Thermoluxx Premium should not be used until the fungal attack has been successfully combated.