Building exterior insulation

Thermal insulation on buildings pays off!

Over the roof, facade and cellar of an insufficiently or even uninsulated house, up to 30% of the energy is lost almost unused – an unnecessarily expensive pleasure! Thermoluxx thermal insulation reduces the U-value and immediately helps to significantly reduce energy consumption and will already pay off

with the next heating cost statement! In addition, a Thermoluxx external coating protects your property against weathering and UV rays.

Long-lasting protection for facade and roof

Facade coating – one coat of paint, a lot of profit!

The high resistance of the Thermoluxx coating against environmental pollution such as weathering, UV radiation, smog and ozone, in addition to its highly insulating properties, guarantees a long service life and thus ensures that your property retains its value.
By using Thermoluxx, you can fulfil your wish for a healthy and beautiful facade for many years to come. Conventional facade insulation requires the erection of a scaffold, a lot of time and costs are enormous. Façade insulation with Thermoluxx is applied like paint, the time and costs are a fraction of those of conventional insulation work.
Despite sealing, Thermoluxx absorbs moisture from the wall and keeps the masonry dry for a long time.

Roof coating instead of new roofing

Do you want a roof that looks like new again and will be sealed for years to come? We would be pleased to fulfil this wish with a professional Thermoluxx roof coating. Roof coating is becoming increasingly popular in Germany because it is now recognised as an economical alternative to new roofing. However, the aspect of prevention is particularly important. If the conditions for a roof coating are still given, it is recommended to protect the existing substance of the roof covering sustainably.
With our Thermoluxx roof coating we have a very economical alternative to new roofing. Experience has shown that your savings compared to a new roofing amount to approx. 60%! The properties of sunlight reflection, distribution of heat radiation and evaporative cooling combined act as a free “air conditioning system”. In the hot summer months, a significant temperature reduction can be achieved indoors in this way.

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