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The R-C3 module has 3 independent 32 bit counters, each with 3 optically isolated digital inputs.

For each counter you can:
– program operating mode: up/down counting, mono and bidirectional encoder, or measurement of period or frequency.
– select the digital filter (from 100Hz up to 400KHz)

Each counter has:
– 3 LEDs to signal state of digital inputs
– 8 pin connector for independent wiring of inputs

If used with encoder, the module (powered externally from a front connector) provides the power supply to the individual connectors and can be configured by encoder type (Differential, Single Ended, Push-Pull, Open Collector).

The module also has interrupts on the level controllable via software.

The R-C3 is installed on the backplanes of the R-BUS(x) series, from which it receives its power supply.