Ermen Systems can also provide a range of water detection and emergency products.

WD-AMX Water Leak detection

The WD-x range is designed to detect water leaks either at localised points using the WD-PS point sensor or larger areas with the WD-CS cable sensor, a rain sensor is also available. All these sensors are used with the WD-AMX range of modules that are suitable for DIN-rail mounting inside AHUs, power distribution units or general areas where leak detection is required. They are fitted as standard with LED indication of the water leak status, and sounder that can be disabled by simply removing a jumper. The WD-AMX relay output can either configured to be manual or auto reset. A relay output provides an alarm signal that can be used for connection to a BMS controller or remote alarm annunciation panel such as the UI-AA1-F

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WD-xS Range:


  • WD-CS is easy to lay and detects along its entire length
  • More than one WD-PS can be connected to a WD-AMX
  • Self-contained heater to avoid nuisance alarms on WD-RS
  • Detects water leaks under floors or isolated plant rooms
  • Rain detector to automatically close windows or vents
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The WD-CPS Condensation Prevention Sensor provides the closest safeguard of condensation as it calculates the actual dewpoint based on the ambient relative humidity and the temperature of the surface. The user can even adjust the switching point within a range of ±3˚C of the dewpoint. It also outputs the measured level condensation using a 4-20mA control signal and gives additional LED indication on its status

  • Switches its output at the actual dewpoint
  • Microcontroller based for reliable condensation prevention control
  • Adjustable switching point
  • LED indication
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The WD-CPSR Condensation Detection Plate acts as a resistive switch once condensation occurs on cold surfaces. Its detachable cable connection allows simple replacement without the need to replace wiring. Replacement plates are available for regular maintenance (plates ONLY cable not included).


  • Easy replacement & regular maintenance with Spring cage terminal blocks
  • Connects to a resistive or VFC input in a BMS system
  • Detects condensation on chilled pipes and surfaces
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The WD-CPS-UN Condensation Prevention Switch monitors the relative humidity and changes the state of the VFC to prevent “indoor rain” at a fixed set point and before it causes any damage to the building structure. It is a very cost-efficient solution to protect buildings and assets from any condensation.


  • Switches its output at 85% RH to prevent any condensation occurring
  • Our cost-efficient entry point into the world of condensation prevention
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