Controlling energy costs as well as achieving and maintaining comfortable internal environments in leisure centres is expensive and challenging. Leisure facility operators don’t need to be told that energy costs come second to labour costs which is not surprising due to the very nature of the design and size of most sports buildings. It does not matter if it’s a swimming pool, gym or sports hall; altogether they create a challenge for any HVAC system not only to maintain required temperatures but create environments which are agreeable for users.



Communal spaces such as reception, crèche rooms, offices, cafes and ancillary areas Gymnasiums, dance studios and fitness centres Swimming pools All types of multi-purpose sports halls Indoor tennis and cricket halls Bowling alleys and skating rinks Indoor climbing centres Changing rooms and shower facilities

Airius destratification fans work simply and inexpensively alongside all types of HVAC equipment to improve your energy management by balancing temperatures, reducing both heating and cooling costs by between 20 to 50% or more and create gentle air movement thorough out the internal space. Airius are World leaders in destratification fan technology and have the largest range of fan units that can be installed into both open and suspended ceilings and are suitable for any leisure centre application.

Case Studies

Our Products

  • Patented Technology & WorldClass Components
  • For Ceilings up to 35 Metres High
  • Running Costs as Low as €9 Per Year

Features and Benefits

  • Improved comfort in all seasons
  • 40%+ reduction in heating costs
  • 20%+ reduction in cooling costs
  • 40%+ reduction in carbon emissions
  • Rapid ROI – usually 12 – 24 months
  • Works alongside all types of HVAC systems
  • Minimal running costs (from €9/pa)
  • Recycles process heat, lighting and solar gain
  • Reduces or eliminates condensation and wet floors
  • Significantly reduces heat loss through roof
  • Reduces hangar heat-up (and cool-down) time
  • Airflow deters birds and insects
  • Reduces HVAC maintenance costs
  • Recycles process heat, lighting and solar gain



“The Airius system has been in operation for six months now. We are more than happy with the results. The space is a lot more usable in the summer months. We have received great feedback from both the school PE department and also external hirers. We are extremely happy with the performance and comfort we receive since installing these Airius fans and would happily recommend them to other organisations needing to circulate air and increase thermal comfort.”

Keith Stevenson
Facilities Manager, SCEGGS Darlinghurst.