Do you need to prepare for the unexpected? If your environment is too physically demanding for standard destratification fans, you can upgrade your fans to the Titan series. These highly durable fans are designed to withstand knocks, shocks and corrosion.
Using ABS resin for the housing and internal stator blades, and stainless steel for the fixings, Titan series fans are ideal for industrial applications, and any setting in which your HVAC equipment may be exposed to physical abuse or contaminants.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Low Energy
  • Any Airius fan can be made into a Titan Airius fan
  • Control options i.e. BMS, speed controllers etc.
  • Extra durable


  • Speed Controls
  • SP, PSC, or EC Motors
  • Control options

Pictures of Titan series installed in various settings storage facilities to gyms to homes.


Model 20/ec (aisle)

Model p1

Model p2

Model p3

Model g400/ps-4

Model g400/ec