Sandfield Toggleblok


Toggleblok spill prevention technology is the forefront of spill technology and even allows customers to map out spills


  • Automatically locking valves
  • Retrofit to existing drainage systems
  • Gsm control
  • Programmable triggers
  • Self-powered solar back up
  • Links to your existing fire system
  • Cost effective solution

Standard Control

  • 12Vdc battery with 10W Solar trickle charger
  • Push to operate with key switch to open function
  • Valve closed lamp
  • IP67 Stainless Steel enclosure 600mm*400mm*250mm
  • Valve operated lamp
  • N/O contact for auxiliary activation
  • Battery test function

Control Options

  • GSM automation
  • Mains power charge
  • Low Power Radio control
  • Auxiliary alarm outputs
  • Cloud based data logger and operation


The spill mapping service allows our customers to evidence the risk allowing them to present to the
business the challenges. Amazingly most sites that utilise this service reduce costs by over 50% on
current spill prevention methods.