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Linear position transducer with GEFRAN’S innovative ONDA magnetostrictive technology for long life.

The absence of electrical contact on the cursor eliminates wear and guarantees almost unlimited life.

Gefran’s patented ONDA technology achieves a compact, modular structure for simple installation.

RK-5 is a magnetostrictive position transducer with flanged connection that installs completely inside oil-pressure cylinders.

Its unique design, plus a wide range of cursor configurations, ensures easy installation and total compatibility with cylinder manufacturer specifications.

Working temperature from -40 to +105°C, working pressures up to 350 bar, high resistance to vibration (25 g) and shock (100g) give the sensor the indispensable strength needed for heavy-duty use (for example: mobile hydraulics).

High performance in terms of transduction of measurement defined as linearity, hystersis and repeatability.

The signal is analog in models with current or voltage output.