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The innovative, decentral drive-system KFM05a includes asynchronous motor, frequency inverter, EMC filter, communication, analog and digital Interface and encoder in one unit.

Thanks to its compact housing, the KFM05a can be easily and space saving integrated into different applications.

In addition, you significantly reduce the cabling effort and save space in the control cabinet or, in many cases, can do it without a cabinet.

As a positioning drive, the KFM05a can reach up to 16 positions via the digital inputs and unlimited positions via bus control.

The KFM05a can also be operated as a speed-controlled drive with adjustable ramps as well as free coasting, DC braking or position control with the stop function.

Benefit, when solving your project, from simple installation and handling, quick configuration thanks to the clear PC software and the possibility of parameterization using an external keypad.