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The “IMPACT” series of Gefran are pressure transmitters, without transmission fluid, for using in high temperature environment (350°C).

Medium pressure is transferred directly to the sensitive silicon element via a thick diaphragm.

Strain is transduced by a micro-machined silicon structure (MEMS).

The operating principle is piezoresistive.

The micro structure includes the measurement membrane and piezoresistors.

The minimum deflection required by the sensitive element makes it possible to use very robust mechanics.

The process contact membrane can be up to 15 times thicker than the membrane used in traditional Melt sensors.


  • As for absolute absence of filling fluid , the I series is the right choice for Mercury free, food and medical application.
  • Superior  wear reasistence:  suitable with filled polymers
  • High resistance  to withstand to dynamic pressure
  • High robustness towards the process :cold starts ,multiple installation
  • Low thermal drift for  Zero e Span signal : < 1%FS  (20°C-350°C)