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The GFX4-DEV module can be installed inside GFX4/GFXTERMO4 products and expands communication by means of the DeviceNet protocol. The module has two communication channels:

  • the first channel is a serial port with Modbus RTU protocol, and lets you connect a maximum of four GFX4/GFXTERMO4 products including the product on which the module is installed, for a total of sixteen controlled zones (4×4);
  • the second channel is a serial port with DeviceNet slave protocol, and lets you connect to a DeviceNet Master. The node address is assigned by means of the two rotary switches (1…63) on the product that houses the module. The network Master (typically a PLC) recognizes the slave node by means of this address. The slave node recognized by the Master consists of the GFX4/GFXTERMO4 that houses the module plus the GFX4/GFXTERMO4 products connected to the Modbus serial port. The expansion can be installed when the above-mentioned products are ordered or at a later date.