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The ADV200 System is a range of panel-mounted inverters designed as a compact, ready-for-use solution fully compatible with the maximum operating conditions of the drive.
During conformance testing, we therefore paid particular attention to ensuring absolute compliance of the panels with all legal requirements.

Savings in terms of installation space and assembly and commissioning times, the guarantee of functionality and certified compliance with legal requirements are the main advantages of the Gefran panel-mounted solution.

Special care was also taken in designing the HW to meet the requirements of the applicable standards relating to the servicing and maintenance of electrical panels. These specify the need to perform inspections at regular intervals and, in particular, to check the tightness of all power connection bolts and screws.

All power sections and the relative connections on Gefran panels can be accessed from the front. There is therefore no need for access from the back or for the use of any special tools.