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ADV200 inverter with IP54 external heatsink for push through cabinet mounting. Available also in the –EHR version with reduced fixing flange.


  • Self-tuning rotational and stand still of speed-current-flux regulators and motor data identification
  • Torque control
  • Simplified Start-up menu
  • Instantaneous Overload up to 180%
  • Motor, Drive and Braking resistor I2t thermal protection
  • Multispeed function (16 programmable preset)
  • 4 independent programmable Multi-ramp with jerks
  • Motorpotentiometer function
  • Flying restart function
  • Droop function
  • Double motor parameters setting
  • PID block function (application pre-charged)
  • Mains loss detection managed through controlled stop and/or energy optimization
  • Variable switching frequency
  • CT an VT operating mode
  • Advanced programming via MDPLC tool (IEC 61131-3 standard environment)
  • Memory Keypad with 5 parameters set


  • I/O expansion cards, configurable according to the customer’s machine needs
  • Expansion cards for the management of auxiliary encoders
  • Field-bus interface cards: ProfiBus , CANopen, DeviceNet, GDNet, EtherCAT, Industrial Ethernet(*), Profinet
  • Safety Stop card in accordance with EN 954-1 (Cat.3) PL “e”
  • Dedicated EMC filters (in compliance with CEE – EN61800-3:2004)
  • External braking unit:
    – BUy series: inverter mains voltage 230-480Vac,  690Vac (BUy1065-6) and 575Vac (BUy-1075-5); rated current from 28 to 120 Arms; parallel-connect up to 4 units (1 master + 3 slave)
    – BU200 series: inverter mains voltage 380-480 Vdc (BU200-4) and 500-690 Vdc (BU200-6);  rated current from 198 to 424 Arms, parallel-connect up to 5 units (1 master + 4 slave)
  • Braking resistors (standardized for the whole line)
  • Output chokes (standardized for the whole line)
  • IP54 with external heatsink

(*)Compatible to industry standards