Jeff Feltham from ‘PacPines Pool and Spa Services’ approached Airius to find a solution to the condensation problems inside their clients indoor pools, which were leading to issues with mould, constant dripping, lengthily pool-side dry times, damp and even corrosion.

These installations have proved very successful and further indoor pool customers are now using the Airius system to reduce condensation and improve the amenity of their pool enclosures.


  • All objectives achieved.
  • Simple, quick & cheap installation.
  • Condensation virtually eliminated.
  • Swimming Pool Enclosure:
    • 29m x 10m = 290m².
    • 2.5m to 9m to 5m pitched ceiling
  • Comfort effects felt immediately.
  • Airius solution:
    • 5 x Model 15’s.
    • 3 x Model 45-PS/4’s.
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Pacific Pines Pool and Spa Services are a pool supplies and maintenance company, servicing a range of domestic, high-end client and corporate swimming pool facilities.

The owner, Jeff Feltham, contacted Airius in an effort to find a solution to the condensation problems that were resulting in a variety of costly and unsightly issues for his indoor pool customers. Airius were able to advise John and supplied a cost effective system to use in a trial installation for one of his customers.

The trial pool enclosure was 29 metres long by 10 metres wide. It had a pitched roof rising from 2.5 metres to 9 metres, which then dropped to 5 metres.

5 x Model 15 Airius Standard Series and 3 x Model 45 PS 4 Standard Series were specified and installed, as directed in the bespoke system design installation guide supplied by Airius.

The almost silent Airius units work by circulating the air around the space offering air movement, which increases the ‘dew point’ and draws moisture from the surfaces into the air. A simple and inexpensive solution to a typical and costly indoor pool issue.

The trial was very successful and any sign of condensation was virtually eliminated. The amenity in the pool was also greatly improved.

This not only provided PacPines Pool‘s and Spa’s customers with the solution they were looking for, but also provided them with all the additional saving and comfort benefits provided by the Airius system.

“The customer said their pool surrounds feel much better.

The general air conditions around the pool have improved, and the condensation has improved greatly especially around the front office and counter areas.”

Jeff Feltham – Principal Owner