Mobile Heating Water Filter:

Automatic mobile heating filter system for cleaning of heating systems between approx. 10kW and 2,500kW. Also suitable for Air Conditioning and pipe system of a similar capacity.

  • Filter instead of completely draining the system
  • Saves time and money
  • No interruption to heating

Existing closed loop systems have to deal with silting and magnetite deposits, which clog pipes and system components reducing efficiency. To remove these, the heating engineer needs to rinse the system several times and completely changing the fill water through flushing. This complex process primarily takes time and requires system shutdown. In addition, despite multiple flushing, there is always some dirt left in the pipes. The new mobile filter station from Magnetic GmbH, filters all dirt out of the system water, offers a reliable and clean alternative.

In addition to the microfilter element, the magnetic heating water filter mobile consists of an additional magnetic flux filter, a powerful pump and a controller with a differential pressure measuring device. All components are mounted on a solid powder-coated frame construction with wheels so that the station can be easily transported to any boiler room. The exchangeable microfilter element has an enormous dirt holding capacity due to the effective filter area of 1 m². The filter fineness makes it possible to get all particles up to a size of 1 µm out of the water. The smallest magnetic parts that make it through the filter element are additionally retained by a high-performance magnetite separator. The heating water filter mobile switches off automatically as soon as the filter is full and a differential pressure of 1.5 bar is reached. The filter insert can then be changed and the separator cleaned.



  • Filters all particles > 1uM reliably from existing systems.
  • Perfect Preparation before circuit demineralisation
  • Device works independently, no monitoring required
  • High quality integrated pump, which can be used for circulating desalination.

Magnetic GmbH solution to a common problem. Treating heating water in an existing system can be a challenge especially if system cannot be drained and is highly contaminated.

Magnetic GmbH solution is easy to apply and no system shutdown and/or flushing required.

  • System circulation filtration
  • System circulation demineralisation.

This process can be performed whilst enabling the engineer to carry out other works.