Drinking water treatment:

Some important facts:

  • Water is our No. 1 Food
  • Humans are made up of 70% water
  • We should drink 2-3 Litres of water per day
  • We consume up to 65,000 Litres of water in our lifetime

So, we should pay close attention to make up and quality of water we consume. Dirt in drinking water is not only questionable from a hygienic point of view, but also causes damage to household appliances and installations. Hard, calcareous water leads to limescale deposits in pipes and in hot water preparation. This can lead to expensive repairs and increased energy costs. Additionally, limescale deposits in the pipes also serve as a potential breeding ground for bacteria and thus make drinking water more hazardous.

Scale Transformer:

Magnetic Scale Transformer:

The magnetic limescale converter has been used successfully since 1994 and reliably protects tens of thousands of households across Europe from limescale. However, we would like to point out that the statements are anecdotal and not scientifically reliable, with degrees of success varying on each application. Therefore, to remove all doubt, we recommend that you test our products yourself. Limescale can cost you money. Hard water becomes visible in the kitchen and bathroom when lime sticks together and forms hard scale. This presents itself in the form of calcified fittings, kettles, etc., as well as through an increased consumption of detergents and cleaning agents.

Visible Limescale Problems.

  • Calcified fittings, shower heads and taps
  • Increased consumption of detergents and cleaning agents
  • Damage to household appliances, i.e. heating elements, washing machines etc.

Limescale, however, causes the greatest damage where you cannot see it regularly. Such examples of this is in the pipes and in the hot water preparation. The lime accumulates here without visible checks, allowing for vast build ups. The consequences of this are expensive repairs and, in some cases, complete replacement of systems.

Invisible and dangerous limescale problems:

  • Calcified pipes leading to blocked pipes and loss of thermal transfer
  • Scale damage in hot water preparation, i.e. blocked pumps, damaged heating elements, etc.
  • Shorter lifespan of devices and machines


Hardness range 3: With a water consumption of 25 m³ per month, approx. 100 kg of lime flow through your pipeline per year.

Solution: How Limescale Converter works:

How Magnetic GmbH’s Scale transformer works?

The water flows through specially aligned magnetic fields in the lime converter with vitalisation. The structure of the lime is changed so that it can no longer stick together forming scale in the pipeline, thus enabling the water to simply flow through. Worries of limescale damage and formation are a thing of the past after installation.

  • Pipes and Hot Water preparation are reliably protected against Limescale.
  • Rust problems and pitting are effectively dealt with.
  • Avoid descaling in the washing machine. Dose the detergent according to hardness range 1
  • Avoid aggressive and harmful cleaning agents and protect bathroom and kitchen furnishings.
  • Longer life of your household appliances.
  • Already accumulated Lime in pipes will be removed

Required conditions for successful operation of Limescale Transformer:

  • Pipe around which it is installed cannot be magnetised
  • Temperature of water must not exceed 85 degrees C
  • Flow rate not to exceed 8 metres/second

To calculate how many magnets are needed, the following information is required:

  • Pipe Diameter
  • Max Flow rate from pump


Domestic applications will only require 1 magnet, commercial/industrial applications may require more than one magnet.

The benefits of calcium (Keeping Limescale suspended in water):

Your body needs calcium to build and maintain strong bones. Your heart, muscles and nerves also need calcium to function properly. Some studies suggest that calcium, along
with vitamin D, may have benefits beyond bone health: perhaps protecting against cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.
(Mayo Clinic, Rochester)

Assembly – quick and easy

The diameter of the pipeline may be smaller than the inside diameter of transformer. The converter must be closed, the metal surfaces inside must be in direct contact with each other. The direction of flow of the water through the magnetic lime converter with vitalization is not specified.

Note: When rotating Magnet after it has been installed, all writing must be in the same orientation

WARNING: The magnetic lime converter with vitalisation works with magnetic fields. Therefore keep away from medical-technical devices e.g. Pacemakers, electrical and electronic devices, credit and debit cards.

Importance of Water Quality:

Vitalised water from the tap has the following advantages:

  • Supports the metabolism, ensures better purification, strengthens the body
  • Protects the skin when showering and bathing, partially relieves itching and skin ailments
Image depicting how much of the human body is made up of water

The effect of vitalization:

As a result of specially tuned frequencies, water is restructured and regains its natural vitality. Natural spring water has clear and pure structures. Today’s water has been heavily contaminated due to flowing through pipes and chemical treatment. Therefore it is important to know that the water you are consuming has been converted back to its original and “purest state”

Other Models available:

Magnetic limescale converter XXL – proven limescale protection even for large objects

An overview of the advantages of larger models:

  • For DN50, DN80 and DN100 pipe diameters
  • Suitable for Large flows
  • Custom made products
  • Installation Inline via Press Fittings

Less is More:

By changing the structure of Limescale (Calcium), and not removing it from the water the following benefits occur;

  • Less Energy needed to heat water, Fuel and Electricity
  • Less Carbon Emissions
  • Less appliances breaking down
  • Less heating elements needing replacement
  • Less (No) chemicals
  • Less installation costs
  • Less maintenance/running costs
  • Less spare parts needed
  • Less call outs, reducing carbon emissions from Service Vehicles
  • Less (No) salts
  • Less (No)Plastic bags used with no salt
  • Less requirement for Calcium supplements
  • Less detergents, shampoos and conditioners
  • Less Packaging/Plastic containers
  • Less water usage, no Regeneration
  • Less damage to Municipal wastewater plants, no salts being discharged
  • Less damage to recycled/harvested water
  • Less costs in treating wastewater
  • Less Wastewater
  • Less (No) impact of changes in Well Water make-up

Positive Environmental Impact of installing Limescale Transformer:

There are many positive benefits to be gained from installing Limescale Transformer. These have been outlined below:

Reduction in Energy Costs, through reduced Fuel Consumption and reduced Electricity Costs and subsequent reduction in Emissions.

Reduction in Chemicals through Incorporating Chemical Free Solutions to manage Drinking Water and Heating System water. Reduction in Detergents and Chemical Cleaning sprays and liquids.

Reduction in Pollution and Plastics through reduction in Single use Plastic Containers, Bags and Packaging.

Reduction in Transport generated Emissions, through less Spare Parts, Consumables, Maintenance travel etc. Reduction in Waste, Scrappage etc.

Less damage to Wastewater treatment plants, no salts being discharged. Reduction in Wastewater and costs in treating wastewater Improvement in recycled/harvested water

No negative impact of changes in Well Water make-up.

All Environmental initiatives have positive impact on: