• 45.07% – Overall Savings 08/09.
  • 3,000m² – Floor area.
  • Installed into Can Assembly area.
  • £793 – Airius running costs per winter season.
  • £62,351 – First winter savings.
  • 5.7˚C – Mean temp 07/08.
  • System – 34 units.
  • £21,268 – Full system & installation cost.
  • 3.4˚C – Mean temp 08/09.
  • Part of the Ardagh Group.
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Impress installed 34 Airius fan units into their factory to save on heating costs and their investment was repaid 3 times over in the first winter they were installed.

“Overall savings taking into account lower temperatures and prices in winter 08/09 = 45.07%. The full cost of the Airius units is re-couped within a matter of months – first winter savings of £62,351 measured against a total spend of £21,268.”

Paul Matten (Plant Engineer)

Oil prices dropped by an average of 9.5% in 08/09 compared to the previous winter period 07/08. This will enhance the actual savings.

The mean temperature for East Anglia during winter 07/08 was 5.7°C. The mean temperature for East Anglia during winter 08/09 was much cooler at 3.4°C.

The heating system thermostats are set to 16°C, resulting in an increase in the requirement for heating in East Anglia of 22%.

This analysis excludes the purchase and installation costs of £21,268 in the first year.

The Havelock North pool, due to its sloped roof, required Standard Series model 25 and 15 units, to account for the variation in height. At its highest point the ceiling was 4.8 metres and the pool measured 24 metres long by 14 metres wide.

After installation both sites virtually eliminated all condensation. Any signs of damp quickly subsided and surfaces dried much faster. Even the concrete, which had become saturated and discoloured, dried out. Comfort levels vastly improved and within only two days the unpleasant odours were almost non-existent.

In addition to resolving the main problems with condensation, Hilton Brown Pools also achieved significant pool heating energy savings at both their Albany and Havelock North pools, benefiting from Airius’ world-leading thermal balancing technology.