At home and offices, BIOVITAE® reduces the bacteria count, prevents the formation of biofilm and creates a safe environment, thus supporting the natural evolution of the immune system in adults and children.


At home, the critical points where bacteria can be found are all the surfaces that come in contact with people’s hands, pets, food, rags and cleaning tools. These surfaces are “fast motorways” for the spread of pathogens to which family members and workers are exposed. At home, BIOVITAE® is particularly useful in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in the most visited environments, as it limits the spread of bacteria such as Staphylococcus and Streptococcus, protecting children, the elders and those suffering from chronic diseases. Likewise, BIOVITAE® helps to protect our pets, and it prevents the spread of allergies and infections to humans.


At the office, bacteria especially plague desks, door handles, computer keyboards, food utensils and vending machines. In these environments, micro-organisms can be transmitted among people or through contact with surfaces where bacterial colonies proliferate. At the office BIOVITAE® effectively sanitizes all the environments and the surfaces with which people come to contact everyday, ensuring a safe and clean work environment.