Indoor pool owners and operators have ongoing problems with condensation impacting the amenity and longevity of their pools. Corrosion and mould cause damage, glass fogging obstructs view, constant drips and puddles cause injury and it has an overall negative impact on the amenity in the pool.

Hilton Brown Pools use the Airius system in two of their five recreational and competitive swimming pools to combat all these problems (and more!) and have already made arrangements to install Airius into another two.


  • Pool heating costs reduced significantly.
  • Eliminated unpleasant odours.
  • All condensation problems rectified.
  • Hilton Brown (Albany):
    • Main pool & changing rooms.
  • Comfort effects felt immediately.
  • Hilton Brown (Havelock North):
    • Main pool.
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Howard Gumbley, General Manager at Hilton Brown’s Pools contacted Airius to address severe condensation problems in two of their swimming pool facilities in Albany and Havelock North.

At their Havelock North site condensation was impacting on the main pool area, whereas at their Albany pool condensation was causing problems in the main pool and changing rooms.

Both building interiors were constantly damp, benches were wet and water would drip on spectators, especially on cold days. Anything metal or mechanical was particularly affected; locks and automatic doors were jamming and rust was uncontrollable, even on galvanised metal. Being constantly damp, the concrete walls became discoloured and paint deteriorated rapidly. Mould and unpleasant odours were also large problem.

For the Albany pool, which measured approximately 20 metres by 12 metres, the Airius Standard Series model 60 was specified. In the changing room the smaller Standard Series model 15 was recommended.

n hours we noticed a difference. Two days later the entire space was a lot drier, with less damp odour.

“Withi We had spent vast sums of money installing mechanical air handling units and ducting systems in this space, but there were still areas where instructors and customers found it very humid.

“Air quality dramatically improved. The glass viewing wall was constantly fogged up prior to installation. Within a day there was virtually no condensation on the glass and the concrete area around the pool dries out much faster than it did before the units were installed.

The units are simple to install and very economical to run, but above all they deliver results.”

Howard Gumbley – General Manager (Albany)

“The Airius system not only alleviated this issue, but helped dry out an end wall that was often wet with condensation.

We have since installed other Airius units in more of our facilities.”

Howard Gumbley – General Manager (Albany)

The Havelock North pool, due to its sloped roof, required Standard Series model 25 and 15 units, to account for the variation in height. At its highest point the ceiling was 4.8 metres and the pool measured 24 metres long by 14 metres wide.

After installation both sites virtually eliminated all condensation. Any signs of damp quickly subsided and surfaces dried much faster. Even the concrete, which had become saturated and discoloured, dried out. Comfort levels vastly improved and within only two days the unpleasant odours were almost non-existent.

In addition to resolving the main problems with condensation, Hilton Brown Pools also achieved significant pool heating energy savings at both their Albany and Havelock North pools, benefiting from Airius’ world-leading thermal balancing technology.