Demineralisation Resin


Magnetic GmbH Premium mixed bed resin, the first resin with quality certification

Developed especially for heating systems and filling in accordance with VDI2035 Part 2

  • Certification verifiable via QR code
  • 100% non-regenerated resin
  • Vacuum packed
  • Supports pH increase, self-alkalization
  • Optimal Mixing Ratio
  • Ideally suited for all materials including Aluminium

Top quality Resin for heating systems:

It is not possible to tell the quality of a mixed bed resin from its appearance. Magnetic GmbH examines every delivery in their laboratory to determine whether the resin meets the standards that is promised. The resin is only dispatched when this quality level can be guaranteed.
The quality of the resin determines has a direct impact on the quality of the heating water. It is particularly important not to compromise on the resin.

Magnetic GmbH Premium mixed bed resin effective and durable.

image showing a plumber using resin in order to demineralise the heating water as per VD2035II
a scientific view of how demineralisation works and resin's role in that

The process of demineralization according to VDI 2035

In the process of demineralization, hardening agents and salts are bound to the resin and removed from the heating system water, resulting in pure H2O (low-salt water with a conductivity of less than 100μs). This is exactly what modern heating systems need. The rate of corrosion drops rapidly due to demineralized water because the conductivity of the heating system water drops. A 5 times higher oxygen content compared to purely softened heating system water or raw water can be tolerated.