Measurement and Analysis Tools:

Magnetic GmbH identifies the requirement for Demineralising Heating System water in Domestic and small Commercial applications addresses this with the VEP300 demineralisation cartridge. In contrast to previous demineralisation cartridges, the colour indicator shows when the capacity of the cartridge is exhausted, without complex measuring instruments. The VEP300 cartridge has a capacity to demineralise 300 litres system water at 175ppm Hardness.

Image of demineralistaion cartridge

Filters lime and salts from the water.


  • Safe refilling of heating systems with demineralised water according to VDI2035 Part 2
  • Suitable for refilling small amounts of heating water, ideal for Domestic applications
  • No measuring devices needed to monitor the filter performance
  • Unprecedented value for money

This new generation of cartridges with a colour indicator provide a very inexpensive and simple alternative to stationary make-up stations. It is ideal for the customer service fitter who always refills small quantities. The end consumer can also easily refill demineralized water with the indicator cartridge. The regulations of DIN EN 1717 must be observed.

The colour indicator shows you when the cartridge is used up.

Ideal for all customers:

Tap water is not the best choice for water in the heating system and leads to problems of corrosion in the new generation of heating systems. That is why modern heating systems are filled with deionized water today. The Magnetic GmbH demineralisation cartridge VEP300 is ideal for refilling heating systems.



Demineralized water for the home Distilled water for everyday life

Demineralized water is required in many households for a wide variety of applications. With the demineralisation cartridge VEP300 refilling and mounting set, you can tap demineralized water for every need at any time.

  • Steam Iron
  • Cleaning windows, cars, upholstery etc., without water stains
  • Aquariums
  • Batteries
  • Humidifier
  • Flowers and Plants sprayed without Limescale.
  • Cartridge secured by wall mounting

Practical bracket with ball valve with the magnetic mounting set, you tap demineralized water directly from the tap.

Assembly Kit


  • For larger jobs and/or volumes a 1,000litre cartridge is now available, VEP 1000:
  • 1,000 Litre capacity: 600mm x 120mm
  • Demineralisation: < 35uS/cm
  • 1,000 Litre of system water demineralised at 175ppm Hardness.