In common spaces, BIOVITAE® reduces the number of bacteria, prevents the formation of bacterial biofilm and creates a safe environment by reducing the chances of acquiring infections, by sanitizing the ideal habitats for the proliferation of bacteria and fungi.


In gyms, wellness centers and spas, infections, particularly of the skin, are increasingly reported. The causes are due to the presence of many people sharing tools, mats, benches, lockers and other surfaces where the bacteria that can cause infections and fungi are hidden. The installation of BIOVITAE® contributes to the creation of a healthy and safe environment by preventing the transmission of infections during and after any sport activity.


Cinemas and theaters are environments with a high risk of bacterial contamination due to the large number of people who stay in close contact for a long time. BIOVITAE® makes effective all the ordinary cleaning and sanitizing activities of surfaces and environments (seats, tables, dressing rooms, buttons of vending machines) contributing to keeping bacterial proliferation low and ensuring a real and effective sanification of the rooms.


Bacteria contamination of transport vehicles is a real threat for thousands of people coming from various places and hygiene conditions, who use them on a daily basis and therefore are exposed to all kinds of bacterial colonies. Staphyilococcus aureus, Streptococcus phaecalis, Enterobacteria, as well as mites and molds, can be found on seats, tables, handles and other surfaces. Inside transport vehicles BIOVITAE® illuminates (also as courtesy light) and sanitizes the environments and the surfaces, keeping the bacterial count low, and thus ensuring a safe and clean environment for passengers.