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    How it Works?

    Airius Fans are a proven technology which recirculate the heated air which is always rising from the floor to the ceiling in customers’ premises. Air is circulated back down to the floor in a column which results in an even temperature experience for staff and other people present from the floor to the ceiling.

    A common problem with many older air conditioning systems is the presence of hot and cold spots within a confined area. The Airius destratification unit eliminates those hot and cold spots which results in the significant drop in the energy used by your current HVAC, (Heating Ventialtionn Air Conditioning) system. The two main beneficial outcomes of the drop in HVAC electrical consumption are reduced energy bills and lower carbon emissions.

    Why the movement of air indoors is important

    The quality of indoor air can be affected by moisture, inefficient HVAC systems, insulation, carpets, and pollution from the outdoors which comes in through your open windows.

    Effective circulation of air around your premises (sometimes known as air exchange, air flow, or ventilation) filters the air which you, your colleagues, and your service users/customers breathe.

    Airius PureAir combines this technology with a PHI, (Photohydroionization) CELL in order to protect your home.

    What is photohydroionisation?

    Oxidation reduces or eliminates mould, volatile organic compounds, bacteria, viruses, and odours within a confined space. There are a number of different oxidation methods used in the creation of clean air including the release of ozone, the release of hydrogen peroxide, and the photohydroionisation effect.

    The Airius PHI, with an estimated life of 25,000 working hours, encourage the photohydroionisation effect within your premises using a high efficiency, broad spectrum ultra-violet (UV) bulb. Photohydroionisation works through the reaction of moisture in the air to create hydroperoxides – hydroperoxides (or the ionised version of them) is what’s responsible for that clean smell outside following a thunderstorm.

    The use of hydroperoxide greatly accelerates the oxidation process which reduces or eliminates mould, volatile organic compounds, bacteria, viruses, and odours in your premises without some of the safety risks associated with other forms of oxidation.

    How Airius PureAir works is highlighted in the below Video

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    • REDUCE MOULD BY 98%+

    where can pureair be used?



    The resident facility management company who look after the Beacon Mall have also committed to rolling these units out in September.

    Sean Penston, Director of facilities

    Beacon Hospital


    Beacon Hospital

    We have installed a number of these fans over the last couple of months and intend to continue to do so. We have installed these in workshops and clinics and have found the air to be fresher, more comfortable and all odours and smells have been eradicated.

    It has created an area of confidence among staff and patients that they are being protected. We have also noticed we have reduced our heating settings with the benefit of savings on energy costs.


    Natalie Spencer

    “The PureAir system has provided me and my family with the extra level of protection we wanted to keep our home air clean and free of bugs. We have several young children who can be vulnerable to infection and the PureAir system has given us true peace of mind that they are safe at home. The fresh smell from the hydroperoxides is very reassuring.

    I would highly recommend the PureAir system for anyone looking for home air purification.”

    Natalie Spencer



    “The fans have been a wonderful success, not only do we now get heat at floor level, we are now switching off the heat on a regular basis. We are so pleased with the results that we have started installing Airius Fans in other locations and this will be an ongoing process.”

    James Reilly, MRO Stores Manager, Alkermes


    “We are absolutely delighted with the new Airius Fans… They have solved the issue of hot and cold spots across the showroom and offices with noticeable increased warmth first thing in the morning.

    We now have a warmer more comfortable environment for staff and customers alike! The icing on the cake is taking down the heating set points, creating savings with increased warmth….”

    TP Waters Kildare

    “I remember checking the NHS website with my Husband and I had nearly every at-risk condition on there. It was a very scary moment.” Anne commented. “We’ve had to become very strict with self-isolation and anything that comes in from outside. If I caught the virus my body wouldn’t be able to fight it off.”

    “Since installing the Pure Air Fan in July, we feel much safer and our home feels much healthier and we have allowed our family and friends visit us once more in our home”

    Anne Whittle-Lord

    Airius Fans have become a “Go To” solution for us when solving HVAC related issues for the Retail sector and other clients.

    They are extremely easy to install and have minimal running costs, which appeals to all clients. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Airius Fans as a solution to HVAC efficiencies and improved comfort levels.

    Gerald O’Donoghue, Ambient Energy

    We installed the Airius Pure Air in our home after discovering our young son had asthma. This was especially worrying as he was diagnosed in such worrying times. While researching measures to protect my son I discovered the Airius Pure Air and contacted Ermen Systems immediately.

    Since the installation of this solution, we have been able to allow our pet dog re-enter the home as our son’s breathing has improved dramatically and we as a family feel much safer and secure in our home.

    Eoin Barrett

    case studies

    Tandara Lodge

    Tandara Lodge operates a 46 bed (high and low care) Residential Aged Care Facility for permanent, respite and palliative residents, as well as providing a range of health services to the local community.

    Even the most diligent cleaning and disinfection routines cannot completely remove microorganisms from the air and surfaces – which are continually being replaced by coughs, sneezes and contaminated hands.

    At the Tandara Lodge care home community, managers were keen to find ways to reduce the annual occurrence of influenza outbreaks and protect their residents from seasonal diseases.

    The Solution

    With PureAir, the air is continually replenished with cleansing particles. This reduces the volume of pathogens that can exist in the air and on surfaces by up to 99%.


    The effect of Airius PureAir Series may be invisible, but the results are unmissable:

    • 0 notifiable outbreaks in 5 years since implementation.
    • Less suffering and sickness from seasonal disease
    • £60,500 increase in revenue
    • £8,700 saved in avoided refurbishment costs
    • £3,300 saved on chemical air fresheners
    • Reduction in staff illness
    • Increased waiting list


    Eden Gardens is a senior living community specialising in Alzheimer’s assisted living. The community is a part of Sunrise Senior Living’s family of senior care communities.

    The Alzheimer’s unit was losing an average of three residents per month due to dissatisfaction over the air quality or illness, such as pneumonia.

    By adding air purification cells to our patented destratification fans, our customers can reduce airborne contaminants and also bacteria and viruses on surfaces. The fans also eliminate many volatile organic compounds, which creates a fresh-smelling environment without the need for chemical cover-ups.


    Eden Gardens were delighted at the results the PureAir delivered:

    • 0 deaths due to communicable diseases
    • 0 cases of pneumonia
    • £8,700 saved in avoided refurbishment costs
    • £3,300 saved on chemical air fresheners
    • Reduction in staff illness
    • Increased waiting lists

    Colleton Medical Centre

    Colleton Medical Center is an HCA Health Care Facility ranked in the top 15% Hospitals for quality care. They installed Airius PureAir PHI Cell technology and monitored the effectiveness on airborne and surface transmitted diseases, such as MRSA, over a 2 year period. The Hospital was extremely pleased with the results and now recommend PureAir PHI Technology as a key strategy to pathogen intervention.


    Upon completion of the 2 year study, Colleton Medical Center found and confirmed (With Kansas State University Testing):
    • Number of MRSA related infections reduced by 23% & 39% over the 2 year period
    • MRSA, Norwalk Virus, Strep, Listeria, Candidia all reduced by 99%
    • Deactivates 99% of microbes in a human sneeze before it travels 3 feet

    Established over 40 years, Harewood Dental Surgery is a Private and NHS Dental Practice based in Surrey, offering a wide range of Preventative, Cosmetic & Restorative Dental treatments.

    In response to the COVID19 Pandemic Harewood Dental Surgery needed to find a solution to help provide protection and reassurance for their staff and patients against the threat of infection from Coronavirus and other harmful pathogens.


    Since installation Harewood Dental Surgery have reopened and the results have been fantastic. Not only
    are the staff happy that they are protected with the latest in air purification technology, but patients are
    also reassured by the fresh purifying aroma from the PureAir system’s active cleaning agents in the air:

    • Kills up to 99.99% Viruses, Germs & Bacteria
    • Cleans both the Air & Surfaces
    • Purifies all air in the space at the same time
    • Instantly attacks new contaminants brought in
    • No filters required
    • Eliminates unpleasant chemical Odours & VOCs

    Anne Whittle-Lord


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much Do Arius Fans cost to Run

    €10-€15 per annum depending on model

    How Does We Airlus System Work With Cooling

    The way Airius units work to reduce cooling costs is slightly different to heating. Typically in cooled spaces those people near the cooling outlet are too cold and those no more than a few metres away are too hot. People by windows can also get too hot due to solar gain and so on. The Airius units help by equalising the temperature making sure that everyone benefits from the cooling as quickly as possible. It also helps the cool air reach thermostat set points quicker and proven to reduce cooling costs by anything from 20% up to 100%. This is due to the low cooling requirement in the UK.  You only need to reduce the cooling load slightly to make huge savings.

    How do Airlus Units Achieve Destratifleation with so little energy?

    Airius is the world leader in destratification technology. A combination of innovative and continual R&D along with the use of the highest quality materials and motors enables Airius fans to achieve great results whilst requiring very minimal power usage across the range.

    Do you charge to carry out an onsite survey

    No, we do not charge to carry out onsite surveys.

    However this is on the condition that we have received and gone through all the relevant project information via phone or email to ensure we meet your goals. Based upon this information, we will happily carry out a full site survey free of charge.


    What happens If a unit fails outside of the warranty period

    If a units fails outside of the 5 year warranty period, you may return the unit to Airius Europe Ltd to be refurbished at 60% of the current retail price (refurbished units will be mechanically as good as new and will come with a full 5 year warranty), or simply purchase a replacement unit at 80% of the current retail price.

    Can I link the units to a thermostat or timer

    Yes, however we recommend that the units be left to run 24/7 throughout the heating season.

    This is because as soon as the system is turned off, the warm air can rise again and by letting the temperature at ceiling level increase by any amount increases your buildings heat loss significantly.


    Does The Airius System Work in Temperature Sensitive Product Storage Areas?

    In ambient or warm product storage areas there are often problems with stratification and hot and cold spots. This leads to large areas of the store not being suitable for use, products having to be quickly relocated or results in high wastage.

    Airius units work the same way here that they would in any building. They keep a consistent equal temperature throughout the space from floor to ceiling. This ensures that every part of the space can be used to store even the most temperature sensitive products at the lowest possible cost.

    Cold stores have the same problem in reverse. In order to get the higher levels to the required temperature you are forced to overcool the ground level, which is a huge waste of energy.  Airius units will simply and efficiently equalise the temperature ensuring that the building and the cooling system are working to the best of their ability.

    How do I position We Aldus Units Using Radiant Heating Systems

    When using Airius units with radiant heating systems the positioning is much more critical. The fan units should be positioned at a maximum of 80cm higher and 100 – 150cm to the side of each radiant tube. This ensures that all heat is captured and the buildings heat loss is kept to a minimum.

    What does it eliminate?

    Please see below for full list

    When do you start saving

    Immediately! The moment the units ­­­­are switched on, the efficiency of the building and HVAC system will start to improve, reaching their full potential once equalisation is achieved (within 48 hours depending on the size of the building).

    How much can I expect to saw, on heating?

    Savings range hugely from building to building with average savings of 30 – 50%. With over 100,000 units sold we have had reported savings ranging from 20% to 76%.

    What Is the Optimum Mounting Height

    In most instances the optimum mounting height is 20 – 100cm (depending on the model) below the ceiling, but the units can be bolted directly to the ceiling without impeding the airflow.

    How do Airlus Units equalise temperature with such a low airflow rate?

    Airius units effectively equalise the temperature with an airflow rate as low as 15% of that of other destratification fans.

    This is achieved by the unique patented stator vein technology within each Airius unit, producing a tight column of air which encourages huge levels of air entrainment. The volume of air circulated through entrainment is up to 15 times higher than the volume produced by the unit.


    Will I need to wipe down surfaces if I Install this unit?

    Airius PureAir kills >99% of surface viruses and bacteria without the use of chemicals.

    Will you arrange Installation?

    Yes, we have a number of subcontractors who can install our systems

    What is the typical rate of stratification from floor to ceiling?

    Stratification typically occurs at a rate of 0.5 –2ºC per metre and temperature differentials of up to 10°C are common over a height of 10 metres. In extreme cases, temperature differentials of 10°C have been found over a height of 3 metres.

    What effect do roller doors Have?

    When a large roller shutter door is opened large atmospheric losses will occur. Airius units simply stop the outside air from penetrating into the building as far, and more importantly once the door is closed the building recovers at a much faster rate.

    A perfect example of this would be aircraft hangers where the entire wall opens up in the building. Even with this aircraft hangars achieve some of the highest levels of savings, ranging from 35% right up to 60%, with little to no process heat to help.

    Can I Install Alrius Units Alongside Radiant Heating Systems?

    It is a common misconception that when an area is being heated using any form of radiant heating system, there is no benefit using destratification fans.

    This is simply not true. It is true that the heat felt at ground level is not from the air around you being warm, and the warmth you are feeling does not cause stratification.

    The stratification occurs up at the height of the radiant heaters themselves. The radiant tubes can run at anything from 700 – 2200 ᵒC, this then superheats the air around the tubes leading to stratification.

    How Do I Position The Airius Units Using Radiant Heating Systems?
    Does It kill Covid-19?

    At present we are awaiting results from the several medical bodies and early results are extremely positive.

    However We already have validated test results showing 99%+ reductions on ‘enveloped’ or protein jacketed virus types such as Coronavirus. This has been reviewed by Associate Director of the National Agriculture Biosecurity Center – Dr. James Marsden of Kansas State University, who supports that the evidence suggests “there is every reason to believe Airius PureAir PHI Technology would also be effective in reduction of COVID-19”.

    How to Install

    Video Shows how to install in industrial setting

    Domestic Ventilation Installation

    A specialised approach has been created in order to bring the benefits of Airius PureAir to a domestic setting.

    The fan is installed in the attic as seen.

    The end result is an asthetic pleasing, non obstrusive solution as seen, providing total coverage and protection in the home.

    Since the launch of this service in July, Over 300 homes have installed Airius PureAir in the UK and Ireland. Our market research means we are forecasting this number to increase to 1,500 by years end.


    Scientific data

    Independent Test Results

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    • REDUCE MOULD BY 98%+