We are currently working with councils across the UK helping them achieve their energy reduction targets by re-cycling the expensively heated air that has already been supplied in many of their buildings. This not only cuts energy usage but also saves money, reduces emissions and creates a more comfortable environment for staff and visitors.

Airius award winning destratification fan system works by gently re-circulating heat which rises to the ceiling back down to the floor in an invisible column of air, keeping the heat where you need it and reducing HVAC costs by 25%-50%.

It is understood that stratification is the single largest waste of energy in buildings today and many councils are using Airius to help achieve their energy/emission reduction targets. The Airius system is currently being employed across many different building types owned by local authorities, such as leisure centres and swimming pools, schools, town halls, depots and offices.

Case Studies

Our Products

  • World’s Most Popular Destratification Fans
  • For Ceilings up to 32 Metres
  • Costs as Little as €9 Per Year to Run

Features and Benefits

  • Improved comfort in all seasons
  • 40%+ reduction in heating costs
  • 20%+ reduction in cooling costs
  • 40%+ reduction in carbon emissions
  • Rapid ROI – usually 12 – 24 months
  • Works alongside all types of HVAC systems
  • Minimal running costs (from €9/pa)
  • Minimal running costs (from €9/pa)
  • Ideal for hangars up to 40m high
  • Reduces HVAC maintenance costs
  • Recycles process heat, lighting and solar gain
  • Reduces or eliminates condensation and wet floors
  • Significantly reduces heat loss through roof
  • Reduces hangar heat-up (and cool-down) time
  • Airflow deters birds and insects
  • Reduces HVAC maintenance costs
  • Recycles process heat, lighting and solar gain