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We have in-depth knowledge of current regulations, flood management and firewater control and are proud to offer a pioneering solution for water pollution containment through automated containment valves and a real time monitoring system. We offer automated flood prevention systems – Floodcheck. We also offer Flood Barriers; Flood Doors; Flood Gates and FloodSax’s. Water Demineralisation solutions; Limescale Converters and Water Saving Showers and Taps.

Using water effectively is key to sustainability and water management is key to using water effectively.

Our commercial flood protection solutions, water pollution containment and water saving products and solutions are aimed at minimising the impact so you can keep your business running and avoid potentially fatal closures.

  • Sandfield Water Pollution Containment
  • FloodCheck Auto
  • Water Control Switches
  • Electric Stopcocks
  • Flood Barriers
  • Flood Doors
  • Non-Return Valves
  • Water Demineralisation
  • Limescale Transformers
  • Water Saving Showers & Taps


Reduce your Company's Annual Spend on Water
with Our Water Saving Solutions

We can help reduce your company's water cost.

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