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The magnetic® HWR reliably removes oxygen and gases from the heating circuit. Stabilizes pH, lowers conductivity and minimizes oxygen input, and filters the sludge from the heating system...

For the long-term regulation of the heating water and for the reliable prevention of new deposits, it is recommended to install a magnetic heating water regulator. This not only saves energy, but also reduces the risk of damage caused by corrosion products in control valves and pumps. Especially in heating systems which are diffusely open and thus have an increased corrosion risk, the HWR (heating water regulating device) eliminates all causes of corrosion and sludge formation.

What are the Benefits?

  • Effective Energy Saving Thanks to Optimal Heat Transfer.
  • Protects all Components in Your Heating System from Corrosion.
  • Ensures Clear, Clean Heating Water and Therefore Trouble-Free Operation.
  • Removes Dissolved Gases such as Oxygen from the Heating System.
  • Removes Free Gases from the Heating System.
  • Stabilizes the Ph.
  • Removes Existing Sludge and Prevents its Formation.
  • No Additional Rust Protection is Necessary.
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Heating Water Regulators

Energy Saving Thanks to Optimal Heat Transfer

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HWR Plus Heating Water Regulators

Unfavourable water values can occur in any heating system.

rust, mud and oxygen - enemies of any heating system

The usual causes of this are oxygen, an acidic pH value or an increased electrical conductivity...

When buying a new heating syatem, the topic of energy-saving comes first. Who would like to invest in an energy saving heating system if they subsequently lose massive amounts of energy during the production and transport of heat...

Floor heating pipes, valves, pumps, screw connections, ventilators or defective expansion vessels can be causes for increased oxygen in the heating system. This is one of the main causes of increased risk of corrosion.

The reaction tank of the heating water regulator HWR is equipped with a specially developed sacrificial anode. By means of a galvanic self-current, the oxygen is forced to connect with the sacrificial anode. This produces magnesium hydroxide - this brings the pH value into an optimal range. As a positive side effect, the salt content is reduced, resulting in a lower electrical conductivity.

In order to prevent deposits from clogging heating circuits / control elements and to prevent pitting, the sludge from the heating system must be filtered. In the heating water regulator, the principle of gravity filtration is perfectly combined with a magnetic flow filter. This combination makes the system unique. This way, even the smallest sludge particles are reliably disposed of.

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