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A flood event can cause massive disruption to a business; therefore business continuity is crucial to our customers. Our commercial flood protection solutions are aimed at minimising the impact so you can keep your business running and avoid potentially fatal closures

Our clients recognise our professionalism, and commitment to delivering the right and most cost effective solution. We are highly experienced in delivering bespoke solutions. We understand the importance of communication with clients, so our team work with you from initial survey to testing and implementation, helping ensure an efficient and effective solution.

In the cases of severe flooding (where floodwater rises above 1 metre) keeping water out of your property can be more harmful than letting it in. The stress on the building caused by that amount of water can damage the structure and foundations of the building. Therefore you should never block doors, windows or air-vents over 1 meter in height.

What are the Benefits?

  • Business continuity.
  • Protection of key assets and investments from future damage.
  • Reduced financial impact of future claims.
  • Lower insurance premiums and excess.
  • Evidence to your insurers that you have taken reasonable precautions to mitigate the loss and reduce a claim.
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Flood Defence Solutions

Floodcheck® Auto


Water Control Switch

Electric Stopcock

Flood Barrier Double

Flood Barrier Single

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Wooden Flood Doors

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UPVC Flood Doors

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Steel Flood Doors

Non Return Valves

We are dedicated to providing clients

with high quality flood products

Our commercial flood defence products are designed to keep your business running and protect against loss in the event of a flood...

The Floodcheck® ‘Auto’ valve is a water leak detection/prevention device which minimises internal water damage and protects a property from internal flooding, by monitoring the water supply 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The Floodcheck® ‘Auto’ valve can be purchased on its own or with optional extras like the ‘Water Control Switch’ and ‘Wetpads’, both of which are designed to work with and further enhance the product. We carry Buffalo Heavy Duty Flood Barriers a robust flood defence system designed to last a lifetime in harsh environments, it is the ideal solution for wide apertures and demountable wall defence. The Hydroshield Flood Barrier is a Lightweight, easy to fit, one size fits all solution for use in domestic properties. It Stops flood water up to 600mm high. Available in widths up to 1.0m (single) and 1.5m (double).

We hold a complete range of Flood Doors, Wooden Flood Doors, UPVC Flood Doors, Commercial Flood Doors & Steel Flood Doors. We also supply Universal Fit Water and Rodent Non Return Valves. They fit both Clay and Plastic 110mm or 4" pipes. They stop rodents and noxious fumes from entering properties via the sewage system, they prevents foul water flowing back from the sewerage system, stopping the property from flooding from the inside via toilets, plug holes and waste pipes. Simple to install into existing manhole or soil pipe. No additional equipment required.

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