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We supply professional tools for the production of heating water according to VDI 2035. The correct supply of heating water is secured with simple and high-quality refilling units. Regulators and cleaning agents can protect silted and corrosion-prone heating systems. German engineering at its best...

A Demineralisation water plant is helpful in the removal of salt and other harmful contaminants that are dissolved in water. The process is accomplished by, passing water through ion exchange material that remove the salt completely.Demineralised water is purified water that has had most or all of its mineral ions and salt ions removed, such as - Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Chloride, Sulphate, Nitrate and Bicarbonate. It is also known as Deionised Water or DI Water.

Using demineralised water in the industrial manufacturing process reduces the overall cost of production. Demineralisation technology provides a better way of treating water, it produces purified water by removing all the contaminants. Demineralisation is widely used in all industrial sectors for water treatment and has a high tolerance capacity.

What are the Benefits?

  • magnetic filling stations basic plus / professional plus.
  • magnetic refill stations.
  • magnetic demineralisation cartridge 300.
  • magnetic heating water regulator plus.
  • magnetic mud filter mini.
  • magnetic mixed bed resin PREMIUM.
  • magnetic cleaner for heating systems.
  • Measuring and analysis tools.
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Water Demineralisation Solutions

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Optimise the Heat Transfer of your Heating System

corrosion & sludge will cost you money

Demineralised water, corrosion-inhibiting water ensures that the renewed risk of corrosion and sludge formation are minimised.

When buying a new heating syatem, the topic of energy-saving comes first. Who would like to invest in an energy saving heating system if they subsequently lose massive amounts of energy during the production and transport of heat...

Industrial and Scientific uses - High pressure boiler feeds; Steam raising applications; laboratory applications and testing eg.autoclaves; Wash water for computer chip manufacture; Microelectronics automotive uses eg. lead-acid batteries and cooling systems; laser cutting; Pharmaceutical manufacturing; Cosmetics (DI water often referd to as ‘aqua’); Aquariums; Fire extinguishers.

The Problem

If there is a risk that the heating pipes will become slippery, a professional cleaning of the heating system with a professional cleaning agent is recommended.

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The Solution

A filling with demineralized water (corrosion-inhibiting water) ensures that the renewed risk of corrosion and thus sludge formation are minimized. For the long-term regulation of the heating water and for the reliable prevention of new deposits, the installation of a magnetic heating water regulator is recommended. This not only saves energy but also reduces the risk of damage from corrosive products in control valves and pumps. Only when the pipes are free, the homeowner has an optimal heat transfer. In general, the heater can be operated after cleaning at a lower temperature.

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