Pressure Independent Control Valves:


The LIBRA Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV) are suitable for a wide range of hydronic applications in the field of heating and environmental conditioning of buildings. Fan-coil units and chilled beams are probably the most common applications of regulating valves and dynamic balancing with the passage to the use of 4-way (or 3-way) 2-way valves, to meet the needs of reducing energy consumption both electric and circulation pumps and thermal for leakages through the pipes. In the choice of 2-way valves to be used in variable flow systems, particular attention is paid to some of the problems that may arise in systems where the pump speed is designed to change in response to the thermal demand.

The fluctuations Flow rates initiated by the positioning of the 2-way valves in response to different occupancy levels and heat losses cause pressure changes in the system, resulting in instability of flow through all the valves.

The system is effectively unbalanced, resulting in constant search for valves to maintain control.


An unstable system has a direct impact on energy consumption, living comfort, noise and maintenance costs.

To ensure accurate temperature control in the spaces of buildings where the system pressure is maintained by a variable or constant speed pump, it is essential that pressure variations do not influence the flow through the terminal units.

The solution consists of installing 2-way control valves able to maintain effective flow control regardless of the variation in system pressure caused by changes in pump speed or the operation of other valves.

The independent control valves from the pressure, often identified by the acronym PICV from the English Pressure Independent Control Valve, are exactly what the first name. They maintain a constant predetermined differential pressure through an adjustment valve such that the valve action is not affected by the instability of the inlet pressure.

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Application and Use:

MCA actuators are designed for mounting on manifolds for floor, ceiling and wall radiant panels on heating or air conditioning plants. MCA models can also be used with Controlli LIBRA pressure independent valves and with Controlli Micra zone valves. MCA can be used for On/Off (2-wire) control system in heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems and for distribution manifolds for individual room temperature control of radiant heating & cooling systems. If required, auxiliary microswitches are normally open type. In case you need to operate with a normally closed microswitch, please contact our Technical Dept. Thanks to the innovative adaptive feature, this actuator is suitable to the majority of zone valves and manifolds on the market with stroke up to 4 mm. The integrated auxiliary switch allows direct or indirect (with relay) operation of a pump or a fan control unit.


MCA actuators are based on electro-thermal technology to be controlled by on-off signals or by pulse width modulation PWM signals (24Vac models only). These actuators use a PTC resistor heated wax element and a compression spring to provide the close-off force. When powered MCA opens a normally open valve retracting the internal piston in contact with the spindle. MCA…M models are equipped with an auxiliary micro-switch. The micro-switch contact is closed when the actuator has completed its stroke.

Manufacturing Characteristics:

MCA are made with self extinguishing V0 thermoplastic materials. Electrical Cable (0,70m) is supplied with all models and it is not removable. Actuators are equipped with a threaded M30x1.5 ring nut (Nickel Plated Brass) for an easy valve assembling. All models are equipped with a function indicator pin popping out from the cover when the actuator is powered.

The actuators complete the stroke when the pin exceeds the cover collar by 4mm. O-Ring guarantees IP54 protection with 360° installation position. All components and material are ROHS compliant


Typical Valve Bodies:


MCA can be adapted to many valves and manifolds by pushing and rotating the cover into 3 different positions thus adapting the actuator unpowered position to the valvemanifold closed position. A manual override position is also available to open the valvemanifold without powering the actuator. Selection of different positions according to specific valvemanifold type is easily achieved by installing the actuator in the Manual Override Position and by pushing & rotating into Position 1 or 2 .. 5 until the Function Indicator Pin on the top of the cover pops out. MCA actuator can be mounted in any position.

General Specifications:

  • Voltage Options:24VAC; 24VDC; 110VAC; 230VAC
  • 140Newtons
  • IP Rating:IP54
  • Control:On/Off

Fan Coil Balancing Kit


Automatic balancing & control Fan coil kit:

The automatic balancing & control kits are designed to allow a worry-free, fast and straightforward connection of the fan coil unit to the hot/chilled water distribution network of the building.
The kit includes a By-Pass unit, a Pressure Independent Control Valve Libra or a traditional control valve MICRA and different accessories like filters, pressure plugs and flexible pipes.


The main technical features follow:

  • 100% of the units are fully assembled and tested (hydraulic test) in the factory before shipment.
  • By-pass with filter included with 1/2″ and 1″ connections with 40 mm and 80 mm distance between ports<>
  • Wide range of 2-way and 3-way globe valves, PICV with and without pressure plugs and different DN (1/2”, 3/4” and 1”).
  • No specific tools needed for installation, commissioning and maintenance.
  • Bypass with full bore isolating valves allow the system flushing without the risk of damaging valves and fan coils’ coils as well as an easy maintenance without the need of emptying the piping network.
  • thermal insulation of the kit available upon request.

Ermen Systems supply a range of Controlli valves including Glove, Butterfly, Ball & Zone.

These Valves are available in multiple configurations.

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Controlli Actuators

Ermen Systems also provide a range of Controlli Linear and Rotary Actuators in order to complement our Valve range.

Feel free to contact Ermen Systems for more information today.

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