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steelPRES is the Pressfitting system by Raccorderie Metalliche in carbon steel developed for any closed circuit applications where it is not necessary to use stainless steel, which it is to be considered a valuable cost-effective alternative.

steelPRES material E195 carbon steel.

The steelPRES product range consists of pipes, fittings and installation materials. The range of steelPRES pipes and fttiings is approved by many certified international institutions. 9 certificaions, obtained by RM on the steelPRES product, confirm quality and reliability for applications such as heating, cooling, compressed air and fire protection.
The range of pipes in carbon steel according to the UNI EN 10305-3 standard consists of welded, bordered and calibrated pipes in three different configurations:
• Externally galvanized.
• Externally galvanized and covered in polypropylene (1 mm thick).
• Internally and externally galvanised in sendzimir.
• Pipes and joints are available from Ø12 to 108 mm.
Fittings are made in unbounded E195 steel, galvanized with a zinc layer (to increase protection against external corrosion) and fttted with a “M-shaped” profile toroidal chamber, optimized thanks the 20 year research experience. Any fttiing hs factory mounted, with an EPDM O-Ring, with a patented profile at the end of production.

Carbon steel is the best solution where stainless steel features are not demanded and where a cost-effective product is required. Products and services are developed to solve at best any installation problem and issue, aiming at quality, safety and speed.

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Where to use steelPRES?

The use of steelPRES by Raccorderie Metalliche is suitable to make civil and industrial plumbing and sanitation closed loops for heating and cooling, wet fire-fighting sprinklers and compressed air installations. O-Rings can be used between -20 to +120°C, minimum pressure 16bar providing for quality and safety as well.

Why chose steelPRES?

A reliable and rapid solution with the best possible quality-price ratio.

• A wide range of fittings and pipes Ø 12-108 mm, E195 (fttiings) and UNI EN 10305-3 (pipes).

• A wide range of seamless Tees, patented by Raccorderie Metalliche.

• A wide range of reliable joints, fitting the RM patented O-Ring.

• More than 14,000 square meters warehouse.

• A wide range of approved pressing machines to be used for the steelPress system.

• A solution with the best quality-price ratio in terms of products and services.

• 100% Italian know-how.

Racmet Logos SteelPres

Seamless Pressfitting Tee 392 REDUCING TEE – steelPRES Fitting

Sealing Ring Profile

(O -Ring)

Traditional press fitting systems use round sealing rings, which can easily be damaged by careless fitting. RM on the other hand uses a patented sealing ring with a lenticular profile which fits the press crimp groove. This provides the following advantages:

• A 20% enlargement of the sealing surface area
• Major reduction of the risk of the sealing ring being pressed out or damaged
• Fit makes the pipes insertion easier

Black O-Ring EPDM

inoxPres .

Racmet Inoxpres O Ring

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