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Intuitive and simple to use, a plan of devices, routers and receivers can be quickly established to give full consideration in the final installed system,

while at the same time allowing a concise list of exactly the right number of device type to be compiled. Wireless devices by their very nature, mean there is always an initial element of uncertainty as to whether devices will be able to communicate reliably. Several factors affect this ability, such as frequency, interference and building materials. The SonNet SSK (Site Survey Kit) eliminates this uncertainty by allowing a survey of the building using the same power levels and frequency channel the final system will use.

RF-SSK SonNet Site Survey Kits are comprised of a receiver RF-RXSS which is used in conjunction with the Sontay RF-PS-500 site survey routers, RF-HHT hand-held monitor and RF-TS-900 nodes. RF-A SonNet Accessories allow you to develop the award winning system further. The RF-I/OM-4A-4U SonNet Radio Input/Output Module is an intelligent device used in conjunction with SonNet sensors and routers to act as local I/O with connectivity to typical HVAC equipment such as fan coil units and variable are volume boxes.

RF-RR SonNet Powered Routers are used in conjunction with the Sontay RF-RX20, RF-RX40 or RF-RXS receiver units, and RF-RS series of battery powered radio sensors, and are used to route signals from battery powered nodes and other routers to the receiver module, where the signal strength of a direct path is not sufficient for reliable communications.

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RF-IOM I/O Module Features

Intelligent devices for use in conjunction with SonNet sensors and routers:

• Proven 802.15.4 Low Power Network
• Encrypted Data Transmission
• 4 Fully Configurable Inputs, 0-10Vdc
• 4-20mA, resistive and VFC
• 4, 0-10Vdc Outputs
• Self-Healing Tree Topology
• Lowered Installation Costs
• Easy to Install and Commission
• Can Also be Used as a Router