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Sontay Water Detection
& Emergency Products

Sontay’s condensation prevention sensors have been designed to provide a switched output signal to prevent the onset of condensation on chilled surfaces.

The detector measures the temperature compensated RH and surface temperature of the chilled surface and calculates the dew point temperature. This is compared to an adjustable setpoint to provide either a current output or VFC switched output. Water Detection System & Sensors Water leak detection systems, condensation prevention detectors for chilled beam/ceiling system applications where control safeguards are required to avoid indoor rain.

Emergency Switches/Buttons & Thermal Link Fireman’s switches & emergency stop switches, thermal fuse links for emergency gas shut-off of gas solenoid. This range of Safety Switches are use in the event of fire or other emergency. Usually located at exits to gas plant rooms, units are key operated with a 2 or 3-position latching switch. The EP-KG is a wall or panel-mounted Keyguard. The window is a non-hazardous clear plastic with side tabs designed to break in order to gain access to the key. It is ideal for use in situations where a glass window would pose a hazard, i.e. food preparation areas, schools etc.

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Sontay Product Range

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Water Leak Detection Features

WD-AMX water leak detection modules:

• LED Leak Status
• VFC Output
• Audible Alarm
• Auto or Manual Reset Alarm Output
• Uses an Isolated AC Signal which Prevents Sensor Oxidation
• For use with the WD-CS, WD-PS and WD-RS water leak detection sensors