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Sontay’s range of damper actuators are suitable for many applications including motorised control of dampers in ventilation systems.

They are available with either on/off, floating (raise/lower) or modulating control signal input and various torque ratings. A failsafe damper actuator is also available in a 20Nm (177 in/lb) torque rating. All units and can have optional auxiliary switch(es) fitted and the direction of rotation can be reversed and the angle of mechanical travel can be limited.

We supply a range of zone valves, complete with actuators, designed for On/Off control of fluid flow in a variety of heating and cooling applications, including AHUs and FCUs. They feature a reliable synchronous motor and a spring return mechanism to provide power failsafe position and fitted with an auxiliary switch as standard. VR Rotary Shoe range of 3-port flanged cast iron or threaded brass rotary shoe valves, with linkages to suit the VA series of actuators. Cast iron rotary shoe valves are used in heating systems for mixing or diverting applications. Valves sizes from 50 to 150mm (2” to 6”) and PN6. Note: These are not tight shut-off valves. brass rotary shoe valves are made of a special brass alloy (DZR) allowing use in heating and cooling systems, for both mixing and diverting applications. Valves are available from ½” to 2” sizes with internal threads. Note: These are not tight shut-off valves.

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VZ-3 Zone Valve & Actuator Features

Designed for on/off control of fluid flow:

• Silent Operation
• Heavy Duty Sector Gear and Spring for Long Service
• BSP Connections