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Sontay Metering
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Diaphragm gas meters with pulse output, for flow ranges from 6 m“/h to 100 m“/h.

Our range of diaphragm gas meters use proven, reliable technology to measure the volume of gas used and then send a pulsed signal to a BMS system.

Water Meters, Integrators & Flow Sensors A range of threaded and flanged water meters for hot and cold water, flow meters for heat metering applications. Energy Analysers & Power Monitoring A range of current transformers, switches, sensor & electrical energy analysers for power monitoring, control & measurement. Power Output Supplies A range of 24Vac and 230Vac to 24Vdc @ 1A DIN mounting power supplies. The MW-HS range of screwed meters incorporate multi-jet wheel impellers that are mounted perpendicular to the flow. The impeller rotation speed increases with the water flow rate.

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Sontay Product Range

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Hot Water Meter Features

MW-HS range of screwed meters:

• Inbuilt Water Strainer
• Complete with Couplings
• Epoxy Resin Coated Brass to DIN 50 930 Part 6
• Dry Dial
• Suitable for Use with Domestic Water
• Pulsed Output