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Fan Speed Controllers a range of manual or automatic motor speed controllers, ideal for single-phase fans.

Electric Heater Battery Controllers a range of single and 3-phase controllers for electric heater batteries and resistive loads, from 1.5kW to 86kW.

The FC-ERV can control the speed of single-phase, voltage controllable electric motors, with a 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA control signal. Manual electronic speed control for small, single-phase motors up to 4 amps. Manual fan speed controllers provide single-phase voltage control for AC motors, by varying the supplied voltage through phaseangle control.

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Electronic Speed Controller Features

Single-phase voltage control for AC motors:

• Volume or Velocity Reduction
• Suitable for Supply & Extract Systems
• Min & Max Speed Adjustment
• 2 or 3 Wire Fan Speed Connections
• Quite Operation
• Flow Rate Reduction on Centrifugal Pumps