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Sontay Air Quality
& Gas Detection

Sontay Air quality transmitters are designed for use with the control of fresh air for ventilation.

Gas Leak Alarm Systems, a range of gas leak detection systems for natural gas, LPG and Carbon Monoxide. Carbon Dioxide/RH & T & Gas Sensors, a range sensors for indoor air quality (VOC), CO2, CO and common exhaust gases. Duct Smoke Detector Duct mounting smoke detector for monitoring and alarm applications.

Mount Sensors use a non-dispersive infrared sensor for measuring CO2 concentrations and utilizing. Sontay’s range of CO sensors offers real time detection for Carbon Monoxide measurement.

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Sontay Product Range

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GL Alarm Features

A range of stand-alone gas leak
alarm Systems:

• 1, 2 & 3 Channel Options
• Audio and Visual Alarms
• Adjustable Alarm Sensitivity
• Relay Output for Gas Shut-Off Valves
• Auto or Manual Reset Selectable
• Self-Diagnosis Fault System