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Racmet Value Proposal .

Industrial production is part of the value the
Racmet organisation creates for the
market place.

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Improvement means: less time, safer performance, maximum yield. That is Racmets mission at the civil, industrial and naval level. The company strongly believes in the professional growth of installers and it defined modes to ease their growth. Since the beginning, Racmet supported 5 million installers all over the world, and are working to double there market share by 2025.

The service to customers

A daily support easing and supporting success.

Raccorderie Metalliche stands out for its attention and service paid to customers, before and after the sale thanks to a constant research of dedicated solutions. A tight-knit and trained team answering in real time to its customer requirements.

Ermen Systems Racmet Press Fittings Application 2
Ermen Systems Racmet R&D
Ermen Systems Racmet Press Fittings Application
Ermen Systems Racmet R&D 2

The offer of continuous training

Know, learn, practice, the new fundamental levers of success.

Raccorderie Metalliche provides for its schooling room, set up to exchange experiences and technical competences. Train its employees accordingly and its customers as well is a decision that creates value. It increases the knowledge of our product and performances of our designers and installers, in a more and more competitive and crowded market. Raccorderie Metalliche strongly believes in training as the more the operator is informed, the more motivated and driven he/she will be to reach the set goals.

Racmet Patents

The company constantly committed to develop original and innovating solutions.

4 patents for press systems:

•    O-Ring for pressfitting

•    Drop O-Ring

•    Hydro-shaped Ts

•    Prefitting instrumented fittings

2 patents for clamps and fitting systems:

•    Dowel screw or latching screw

•    Vessel and bidet supporting bracket


A thinking brain to improve the installer work and activity.

“It is essential to study our customer requirements and needs. Thus we constantly invest in research."
Raccorderie Metalliche constantly works hard to improve its production processes and search for perfection, in terms of results, as to support further developments in a more and more competitive and selective market.

More than 10 million Euro in technological investments last year allowed Racmet to rank among the leaders in the industrial sector in Europe and to manufacture the first T fittings in carbon steel with no weld. The study of any material, burst tests, pressure tests and certifications provide for the product quality and increase the technical department expertise.
Research plays the lord and master in the development and improvement of the Racmet company products and at the time begin Raccorderie Metalliche is co-operating with some Italian universities (Naples, Genoa and Brescia).

READY to use product warehouse

The material availability as a competitive lever for our dealers.

14,000 square meter warehouse and efficient logistic service providing the delivery of more than 95% of the material in less than a week all over Europe.

The logistic department is perfectly organised as to provide for the best possible flexibility as to rapidly answer to the customer requirements.

•    Constant product availability

•    Warehouse product traceability

•    Clear and rigorous packaging procedures

•    Accurate and timely deliveries in Italy and Abroad

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Solutions at hand with applications in potable water, brackish water, cooling, heating and many more.

Racmet guarantees service to its customers while researching and developing innovative solutions.

For 45 years Racmet have been developing plant solutions in the civil, industrial and naval sectors.

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