Measurement and Analysis Tools:

Magnetic GmbH supply high quality measuring devices for analysing the composition of heating water. This enables you to measure the heating water at the customer’s site and establish action to be taken.

The kit enables the user to measure:

  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Water Hardness

There is also a sample bottle available, if water samples need to be sent to Magnetic GmbH for further Lab analysis.

Precise measurement when filling magnetic demineralization measuring computer:

The measuring computer gives constant feedback on resin performance when demineralising heating water, alerting the user when resin needs to be replaced and conductivity level of the water. Alarm levels can be set on conductivity levels and when exceeded, alarm generated to alert user to replace resin. The measuring computer for automatic monitoring of conductivity, also calculates and displays litre output and treated water volume as well as the current filling speed.


Professional analysis case for heating water magnetic demineralization

  • Professional individual measuring devices for electrical conductivity and pH
  • Measuring set to determine water hardness
  • Protected by high quality aluminium case
  • Easy to understand instructions
  • High performance magnet
  • Different containers for sending water analysis