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We supply a complete range of environmental products and solutions that will help your business tackle and reduce its carbon footprint. Our products are focused on intelligent information technologies, reducing the costs of energy bills and running costs, cleaner and more efficient infrastructures and better solutions for data recording devices related to energy and water consumptions. We offer water saving technologies and products, including cost-effective solutions to water pollution containment.

Energy efficient equipment can qualify for a 100% capital allowances write off over one year rather than the usual eight-year period.

Step one implementing a plan of action and taking some easy steps to increase the energy efficiency of your operation. Here are some tips and simple changes you can easily make that can add up in the short-term and long-term to a greener future with massive energy savings for your business.

  • Get an Energy Audit
  • Turn off lights and equipment that are not in use
  • Take advantage of natural sunlight
  • Install long-life CFL & LED bulbs
  • Install motion detectors & auto dimmers
  • Install programmable thermostats
  • Keep the heat in or out with weather-stripping, film, screens
  • Install thermal destratification fans for even distribution of heat
  • Purchase energy-efficient office equipment
  • Properly maintain your HVAC system


Going Green is a Great Way to Stand out from the
Competition, Make Massive Savings and Future Proof our Environment

Reduce your Company's Carbon Footprint and Making Massive Savings.

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