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Networked building automation without wires? Self-powered and intelligent? New building or refurbishment – the wireless RF system EasySens® enables best possible flexibility and a perfect basis to realize individual requirements to the latest detail.

Thanks to EasySens® wired power supplies and the change of batteries are things of the past: The Energy Harvesting technology enables a self-powered operation of products.

Advantages of EasySens® Wireless Technologies:

  • Cost savings due to Energy Harvesting: Producing energy from the sensor environment.
  • Flexibility with sensor location – quick and easy mounting and commissioning.
  • Reduction of fire load – no need for wires.
  • Easy integration into existing buildings – no wiring.
  • High-end designs and direct mounting to all surfaces.
  • Direct mounting at representative measuring points.
  • Compatibility to other manufacturers: International Standard (IEC 14543-3-10).
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Intelligent Wireless Systems

Ermen Systems ABB Soft Starters

ABB Soft Starters

Wireless Technologies

Ermen Systems Schnider VSD

Schneider VSDs

Ermen Systems Sprint DC Drive 1

Sprint DC Drives

Ermen Systems Sprint JLX

Sprint JLX

Ermen Systems ABB ACH550


Ermen Systems IMO Jaguar VXR Inverter

IMO VXR-Inverter

Field strength measuring instruments for easy planning and realisation EasySens® of projects...

realisation of flexible & individual building automation

Parameterisation without direct interaction of the corresponding EasySens® device (Remote Commissioning).

Our Range of Thermokon Wireless Technologies:

  • Room Operating Units - For temperature/humidity detection and integrated operation of HVAC, lighting and blinds.
  • Light & Motion - For detection of light and motion in rooms, for indoor or outdoor areas (ceiling or wall mounting).
  • Switches - control of lights and blinds.
  • Window & Door Contacts - status monitoring of windows and doors.
  • Air Quality - For measuring room CO2 levels. Available with traffic light indication and LCD display.
  • Temperature Sensors - various applications in buildings. (e.g. heating, refrigeration and air conditioning systems).
  • Humidity Measurement - For measurement of rel. humidity in rooms, ducts and outdoor areas. Also available with a combined temperature sensor.
  • Receivers - bidirectional gateways with various protocol interfaces (BACnet, KNX, LON, RS485-Modbus...).

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