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Data acquisition software for displaying and reporting of energy consumptions: heating/cooling energy, volumes (water, fuel), electricity.

Web Server for the collection and transmission of consumption data (electric energy, thermal energy, volumetric consumptions of fluids and gas fuels) to Datacenter Cloud. It is the perfect tool for Energy Manager, apartment block administrators, business companies and privates.

• Essential support to Energy Audit, it monitors the ACTUAL CONSUMPTIONS with
extreme precision and high frequency.
• Useful for subdivision of consumption data in cost centers (direct/indirect costs).
•The server includes the on-line user license of the software for the visualization and
reporting of counted data “ENERGY TUTOR”.

LOVATO EnergyTutor™ counts energy consumption of:

  • Thermal Energy (calories and frigories).
  • Volumes (Hot Domestic Water and gas fuels).
  • Electric Energy.
  • With self-configuring energy counters quick to install and MID Certificates.
  • Energy consumption calculation in Euros.
  • Instantaneous remote identification of malfunctions.
  • Remote counting of several buildings.
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All of our Lovato products are designed and built to work hard and remain reliable, designed for maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact... Thermal energy management maintaining high performance and reduced energy consumption, so you can warm up more efficiently by consuming less. With an increasing demands to save energy saving while remaining sensitive to the quality and value of the product. LOVATO EnergyTutor™ one of the best Monitoring System for Data Management and Data Acquisition you will find on the market.

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