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EVCOs roots are in Refrigeration controls but in recent years have expanded into state of the art Programmable Controllers for - HVAC; Refrigeration; Monitoring; Catering.

EVCO Controllers come with Pre-Programmed algorithms which enable systems to be programmed quickly and comprehensively.

What are the Benefits?

  • Energy Management.
  • Energy Monitoring.
  • Energy Meters.
  • Solar Stations.
  • Heat Metering.
  • Heating Control.
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Thermal Energy Controls

Ermen Systems EVCO V Touch



Ermen Systems EVCO Energy Wireless

Expansion Unit

Ermen Systems EVCO C Pro 3 Hector

C-Pro 3 Hecto Controller

Ermen Systems EVCO C Pro 3 Mega

C-Pro 3 Mega Controller

Ermen Systems EVCO Soft Starters

Soft Starts

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Offering the advantage of remote management through laptops, tablets and smartphones, ensuring at the same time data protection and traceability....

evco smart controls

With technologies capable of monitoring and controlling cold chains, cooking processes and climatisation of environments, optimizing system efficiency, duration and reliability. The result is not only energy saving and reduced environmental impact; but also an increased safety, in compliance with food standards./span>

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