CENTRICA Panoramic Power:

Visualise your energy with real-time data to holistically manage your consumption, reduce spend, and improve operational efficiency.

Panoramic Power is comprised of self-powered, wireless sensors that transmit real-time data from your energy-using equipment to our cloud-based analytics platform, Power Radar. The intelligence driven by this data helps you optimise performance, deal with potential equipment failures before they happen, and reduce energy inefficiencies and waste.

Operational efficiency and cost reduction have never been more important, making visibility into energy usage and the ability to proactively manage energy essential. The more you know about your energy, the better you can manage it. Our Energy Insight solution delivers unparalleled visibility into your entire energy estate – from the site, down to device-level.

Improve your business performance and drive your energy strategy forward through actionable, real-time energy intelligence from your devices and integrated utility meters. Effectively and holistically manage consumption, reduce power waste, improve operational efficiency, lower energy costs, prevent costly downtime, and create a comprehensive energy strategy.

Benefits for your business

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your entire energy estate with real-time, devicelevel monitoring.
  • Lower your electricity costs by proactively taking action when you identify inefficiencies and energy waste.
  • Maximise operational efficiencies and spend by benchmarking and managing energy consumption.
  • Reduce risk of equipment failure and costly downtime with predictive analytics and sophisticated alerts.
  • Integrate 3rd party utility meters such as gas, heat, water, and air flow for a complete view of your energy.


Starter Kit: