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Morrisons Case Studies

Morrisons Supermarket Chain Knottingly.

Mitton Mechanical approached Airius to conduct a trial in the Morrisons Knottingly store in 2007. The trial was hugely successful and now 100’s of stores have been retrofitted with the Airius system.

The Brief

Morrisons, the fourth largest supermarket chain in the UK are always looking for ways to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint, as well as new ways to improve customer comfort.

Supermarket operators and their HVAC consultants have been trying to resolve the age old problem of cold chiller aisles and uncomfortably warm clothing aisles for many years. Yet costly and inefficient ducting systems, under cabinet heaters and heat retrieval systems have failed to solve the problem.

Mitton Mechanical, a Morrisons contractor, approached Airius in late 2007 to conduct a trial of the Airius destratification system in the Morrisons Knottingly store in Wakefield. Airius units were placed at 4 metre intervals in three chiller aisles in the hope of reducing their stratification problem from 6-8°C to 1-2°C, thus making the chiller aisles more comfortable (without adversely affecting the chiller units).

More comfortable chiller aisles increase aisle spend, as shoppers tend to rush through uncomfortably cold areas and do not browse for long.

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Destratification systems are one of the most effective energy reduction technologies available on the market. Thermal destratification systems will eliminate thermal stratification and reduce the carbon footprint of any building.

Thermal stratification affects buildings of all sizes and types and will increase the energy consumption and costs for your company. Reduces heating costs by 20% to 50%, cooling costs by 20% to 40% and has many other benefits for your business.

Airius have revolutionised the industry with leading thermal destratification systems, which have helped balance the internal temperatures in many public and commercial buildings such as Siemens, Volkswagen, Morrisons, Gama Aviation and many more.

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